Straightforward and a note I will not be home Nov. 7-9 so if I do not rely be patient!!

Chapter 1


by: Korvi
Hello everyone and how are you?
What I am looking for at the moment, and I hope you are too, is roleplay.
Specifically I am looking for a Guardians of the Galaxy roleplay.
I would also be excited for a
Marvel (Avengers, XMen, etc)
Justice League
Young Justice (I have a couple ideas for this one!)

Rules are very simple
Lemons, swearing, violence are acceptable and my roleplays tend to be mature. Tell me your limits and I will respect them.
3rd person is preferred.
No text talk please unless characters are texting or it is outside chat.
6-10 lines per side is preferred! NO LESS THEN 4! I cannot type much more then 12 at max.
Do not control my OC in a major way!
Discussing plot is great and we do not have to follow movie plot!

A scene I like is where our OC and crush are already together, dating etc, but just an idea.

CRUSHES! Tell me yours ahead of time, I will list mine now. Most of the time I am flexible unless I only have one listed.

Guardians: Rocket
Avengers: Thor, Loki (I have a theory I prefer to play out with him), Steve, Bruce
XMen: Logan, Kurt
Justice League: Superman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Green Arrow
Young Justice: Aqualad, Superboy

Alright so that is it, feel free to message me here or on my email once again I will be gone Nov 7-9 so patience on replies!!


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