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Chapter 6

MM! (Sorry, the title has to be more than 3 characters long so i have to add this dumb message)

by: Sp00kyLeo
This anime was......bizzare. I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. But overall i think it was pretty decent.

MM! might just have the strangest and most out-of-the-blue concept i've ever seen in a anime and that says a lot. It's about this one dude, Tarou Sado, just living his life and trying not to get into trouble. Oh, and he's a Masochist by the way. Yes, a Masochist, a person who gets turned on by getting beaten the shizz out of himself. Tarou is ashamed of his Masochism, so he seeks help from the self-proclaimed God, Mio Isurugi, who believes that to cure Tarou's Masochism, he needs to go through an endless amount of physical abuse so that he can learn to hate the feeling of pain. And being a hardcore Tsundere, she gladly accepts to kick his butt. Along the way, he meets the rest of the characters, inlcuding Arashiko Yuuno, a gentle and shy girl with Androphobia (the fear of men), Tatsukichi Hayama, Tarou's best friend who has a hobby of crossdressing and finally, Yukinojou Himura, an agressive Lolicon.

All the characters have their own very unique characteristics and issues. I find it kinda amazing how they can have a Masochist, a Lolicon, an Adrophobe and a Crossdresser in the same anime, and pull it of so surprisingly well, to the point where it feels completely natural. That's one of the series' strongest points in my opinion. My favorite character has to be Yuuno. She's one of the most likable and interesting characters in the show. Her reason for being Androphobic (which i won't spoil here) is so realistic and well-done that you can't help but love her and cheer for her. Her personality is a little cliché, but her backstory really backs up for it and i gotta admit, i really like her relationship with Tarou.

Some of the characters were boring cardboard-cutouts though. Mio wasn't really a bad character so to speak, she just wasn't very interesting or unique in any way. She was just your typical sadistic Tsundere. Noa, i couldn't care less about her either.

Another character i really enjoyed and wished got more screen-time was Yukinojou. He only appears in 3-4 episodes and when he does appear, it's only for a short time. As mentioned above, he's a Lolicon and he has a huge crush on Noa because of her child-like body and will do anything she tells him to do. The episode in which he got his first appereance has to be one of the funniest episodes of this anime, if not the funniest of all time. I have never laughed so hard watching an anime up till now. The part where him and Tarou use their pervert powers to turn Super Saiyan was brilliant. Did i mention this anime is filled with references?

Overall, i enjoyed this anime a lot. It's definitely not perfect, but it didn't fail to make me laugh my arse off. Watch it if you can.

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