My list of anime series that you NEED to watch!

Just a fun little thing i came up with ^_^
Ever run out of anime series to watch? Want something new and exciting? Check out these series i found!

And of course, i have watched and finished every single anime on this list :D

Chapter 3

Wolf Children

by: Sp00kyLeo
Wolf Children is an amazing anime movie i just watched recently. As much of a Ghibli fan i am, i must say that this movie just tops everything they've created so far, or at least in my point of view (EXCEPT FOR TOTORO, NOTHING TOPS TOTORO.

The story begins with a young lady named Hina, who meets and eventually falls in love with a mysterious guy she saw at school. This anonymous man has a terrible secret, he's part human and part wolf. The two of them fall in love with each other and Hina gives birth to two children, Yuki and Ame. Both Yuki and Ame has the ability to change between human and wolf form, just like their father, which makes parenting a lot more difficult. One day, the children's father dies, so Hina has to take care of both of the wolf children all by herself. Throughout the movie, Hina struggles with whether she will rase Ame and Yuki like wolves or humans. She can't take them to the hospital, because they'e part wolves, but she can't take them to the vet either, because they're part humans.

It's a fantastic movie about parenting and accepting that your children will grow up someday. A little warning though: Don't expect this to be a happy and cute movie, because that's definitely not true, there are a lot of cute and fun moments but that's only while the siblings are still children. It gets more serious and depressing as it goes on. Also trigger warning: Do not watch this movie if you're sensitive to visual blood. There's a lot of it. Srsly.

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