My list of anime series that you NEED to watch!

Just a fun little thing i came up with ^_^
Ever run out of anime series to watch? Want something new and exciting? Check out these series i found!

And of course, i have watched and finished every single anime on this list :D

Chapter 2

No Game, No Life

by: Sp00kyLeo
Some of you might already know about this one.

No Game, No Life is a new show that came out this year. The story focuses on the two siblings, Sora and Shiro. The one thing Sora and Shiro loves to do the most is play games. Not once have they ever lost a game, except against each other, giving them quite the reputation online. No one knows who they are, only that they always keep their usernames blank, thus giving them the Online Alias "Blank".

One day, Sora and Shiro are teleported into another world where every conflict and arguement is solved by playing games. Of course this excites our heroes, and we watch them use their amazingly high intelligence and their gaming experiences to beat god himself in a game. you'd think.

The series is only 12 episodes long and ends with a "read the manga to continue" ending. Yeah, we never actually see them fight the god of this world, and the series ends with a giant cliffhanger.

While i really do wish the series was longer, i still definitely think it's a great anime worth watching. The animation is STUNNIIIING, the characters are all really funny, there's lots of jokes and references, and the last 3 episodes WILL, and i mean WILL make you feel terrible ;-; Not everyone liked it, but definitely give it a try, okay?

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