My list of anime series that you NEED to watch!

Just a fun little thing i came up with ^_^
Ever run out of anime series to watch? Want something new and exciting? Check out these series i found!

And of course, i have watched and finished every single anime on this list :D

Chapter 1


by: Sp00kyLeo
One of my favorite anime series so far!

Nichijou has a rather misleading title. Nichijou roughly translates to "Ordinary life" but this series is far from ordinary. Nichijou is about the lives of 3 Highschool Students, Yuuko, a clumsy and enthusiastic tomboy, Mio, a manga artist with a short temper and Mai, a mysterious quiet girl who loves pulling pranks on her friends more than anything. Sounds like any other slice-of-life anime, right? Yeah, sure, it's perfetly normal....if you consider a principle constantly fighting a deer and a robot girl who's arm can turn into a rollcake-dispenser normal. Nichijou is filled with lots of colorful and crazy characters including an 8 year old super-genius with a bizzare fascination of sharks, a hotheaded girl carrying guns in school, what seems like an invincible gentleman farmer with a pet goat, a talking cat and many more!

This series is absolutely hilarious, every character is memorable and likable, and while being mostly nonsenscial and random, it knows how to deal with serious and emotional subjects as well. Perfect for comedy-lovers and those who seek a slice-of-life anime with a twist ^_^

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