My Book of Rants

Your probably thinking 'YOUR GONNA RANT TOO!???!?!??!!??' and yes I am. I just need to say my opinions of stuff in the modern times that I freaking hate.I'm just gonna let out all the modern, annoying, greedy stuff i'm pissed about and hate.

Chapter 1


by: Miki_
Some things just make me wanna punch a face. Here are the things i'm gonna rant about.

If your not don't know what Roblox is you might be a little confused. I'll explain. Roblox is a so called 'free' game online in which people make games in a Lego fashioned style. There is a currency in the game called Robux and Tix, which you buy accessories and game passes for your character. It's actually okay, if the following didn't piss me off. Now I've been playing Roblox for about a year, and I have noticed things I wanna kill someone about (not literally). One thing is the players. They are all just pissy five year olds, whining if you killed them (in a game meant for killing) or for completely owning them in a conversation.

kewlb0y220: omfg y u k!ll m3 dogsrule999!!!11
dogsrule999: Because this is 'Ultra Sword Fighting' you dumb crap.

The second thing is the unlimited spam. In the comments section for games you can see the following: "THE CREATOR TOLD ME HOW TO GET 1000931 ROBUX! JUST COPY AND PASTE THIS MESSAGE TO 5 DIFFERENT GAMES! NO JOKE! LEGIT!" or "this game sucks don't play it SOUPS DUMM!" And finally, the number one thing I hate about roblox is the creators greediness. They say this: 'Roblox is freeeeee!' when Robux, the main game currency (next to tickets) can not be obtained for free. The only possible free way is to trade Tickets, which takes FOREVER. Or you could just buy robux for around $10 for 800 robux. 800 may sound good, but it's not. Items and clothing can vary from 100 for a shirt to (no joke) THOUSANDS for one hat! Some things are cheap, but they are small items that no one cares about! I've even seen a 40,000 robux piece of gear that you can't even use a lot! So that's the things I HATE about Roblox. If you're planning on playing it, be warned!

Another thing that makes me REALLY mad is how easily fooled some people from other countries can be. Now hold on a second, before you call me racist, I would like to explain my reason why. They always believe in every stereotype about Americans, like that we know nothing of other countries or how we are fat@sses. Well we AREN'T! A lot of people in other countries just assume that we are racist, fat idiots when that describes only parts of America, AKA the Urban parts! No one has ever even taken a glance at Suburban or Rural areas of America, so they assume that all of us are like the people in urban communities. It really pisses me off and makes me want to KILL someone.

I get really annoyed by people who assume too much. A lot of the time it's on anime. MANY people say that anime is weird, creepy, pedophilia related, disgusting, incest filled, gross animations of random oddness. People look at others opinions and pretend that is their opinion to fit in better. I assure you, there is a difference between Hentai (What I described a teeny bit earlier) and real anime.

I can not STAND when people purposely spoil crap just to annoy the crap out of you. UGH.

Something I hate is people who are against video games for 'turning teens into sociopaths and violent murders'. They always blame awful terror events on video games because WHAT? They never realize that video games do not cause insanity! Insanity is born into people! (I think, if wrong I know i'm dumb XP)

I don't hate many things, but I still hate stuff. But the #1 thing I hate is the big S to the E, the most annoying thing of all to me.


To start off, URGH. Stereotypes are the (theoretically) WORST things ever to me. Here are some of the worst.

All gamers have no lives and will turn out fat and lonely
All Muslims are terrorists
All Jews are greedy
All Americans are idiots
All Christians over react
All Africans are freaks
All Anime is weird

And the list goes ON and ON and ON!!!

So there you have it, my book of rants. Thank you for reading and have a good one :D


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