Later Losers and Bye My Friends

Read this if you're one of my 'friends'.

Chapter 1

I'm Out

Hey guys. I'm writing this to tell you that I'm leaving. I've had enough of the bull shxt and I'm done. I only stayed this long so I could talk to Nathan. Now that he and I can Skype, I don't need this.
To the recent people who have an issue with me, don't think you've won. I just don't have time to deal with all your lame azz arguments about how she's right and I'm wrong. I have bigger and better things to worry about. Like the fact that I have to say good bye to a dear friend tomorrow who died of a massive heart attack. And my schooling so I can move forward with my life and make a future for myself so I don't end up a loser who spends all my time on the computer talking to people I don't even know. So this is my good bye.

To my name a few of my true friends: Nathan, Cara, Rachel, Batgirl (epicsnicker), CottonCandy, DreamerGirl, Marshmallow, Utopia, Raven, Shakira, and any of my other friends who I talked to quite often.
You guys are all awesome and I'll miss you.
Nathan, we'll talk on Skype. I love you.
Cara, You're awesome. Love ya girlie.
Rachel: Stay awesome. I'll miss you and Cara badly.
epic: I'm sorry we never got back to out story. Stay wicked. XD
Marshmallow, I'll miss you. You were a loyal friend to me. Stay sweet.
And to the other listed above and the ones I missed, I love you all and I'll miss you. I'll miss the role plays and just talking to you. Keep your heads up and have a great life.

Now to the people who pissed me off. And I am calling you out by name.
lilypotter101, Kit_Kat_Artist, nerdygirl, Disturbia, and some chick I don't even know who wrote 'In response to Al16'.
I don't give a flying fxck what any of you think of me. You're all a bunch of back stabbing bixches and I can't believe I was ever friends with you. Although I wasn't friends with Disturbia and the other chick. Disturbia, even though we exchanged words more than once, I kinda thought you were cool. You had cool profiles. Not sure what I did to make you hate me but to you, I am sorry.
And to this other chick. Hana I think her name is. Who the hell are you? You don't even know you so back off. You're just like the rest of them.

So to my friends, I love ya and I'll miss ya.

To the bixches, I have two words to sum it all up.
Fxck. Off.

I'm out.


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