Bitter Fruit (poem)

The final verse of this poem is similar to that of a poem I rewrote recently, removing said verse. The verse had a different feeling to the rest of the poem, but I decided to write a separate poem with themes of bitterness and hatred, which were out of place in the previous poem. Back-story over, I very much hope you enjoy~
P.S Due to language censorship I had to put in letters with accents so I could post this. I felt I used the profanity tastefully, but sorry if you don't like it in poems.

Chapter 1

Bitter Fruit

Do you remember when you first kissed me?
And energy danced on our lips,
And I wrapped my arms around you,
And you rested your hands on my hips

Those days, those days, our glory days,
Reminiscent of perfection;
But now our love is sick and ill-
Brimming with infection

It seems you have returned
To your childlike games.
You may as well have set our love alight
And watched it burn in flames.

Because you care no more for me-
To you I am nothing.
I am but a speck of dust-
Certainly not worth your loving.

So hold yourself on your high horse,
You stupid fücking bâstârd.
Continue with your ignorance,
A trait I see you’ve mastered.

I feel nothing but hate for you-
I hope you burn in Hell.
I’m just a pawn in your chess game,
A piece that served you well.

I always saw you as the knight,
And not the scheming king-
All too happy for others to do,
Your oh so royal bidding.

If you had an ounce of dignity,
You’d toss your crown aside.
If you had honour you’d end all this-
You’d see reason through your pride.

You can call me resentful,
But all the seeds of hate you’ve sown-
It’s natural for them to mature,
Into the bitter fruit you’ve grown

My self-regard is a dangerous thing,
And you hurt it too much for me not to care.
Yet every time you pass me by,
I whisper a silent prayer.

Because I want you to redeem yourself,
Show me what you’re worth,
To give me the slightest reason
To let my hatred disperse.

Because all I want is to be held in your arms
And let you kiss my fear away
I want you to show me you love me
Ha, that’d be the day.


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