The words my heart speaks

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Chapter 1

The words my heart speaks

The words my heart speaks, where to begin,
The lines go on and never end,
The world of my heart, bare down to the bone,
The words my heart speaks, let's start with alone.

Alone, the way my world feels,
When I sit and stare, my mind turning wheels,
I'm the last, one in the endless sea,
I see strange creatures, coming towards me.

Depressed, the way it breaks,
The crack of dawn, my day fakes,
Happiness and cheerful speech,
The are the words that my heart speaks.

Happy, when I'm at school,
Hanging out with kids that are cool,
When the bell rings, to go home,
Once again I feel alone.

Warm, when I write poems,
And think about our thoughts many homes,
When things get silent, peaceful, worn,
These are the things I feel when my heart speaks warm.

Pleased, whenever thing happen right,
Like Wilber and Orvole on their first flight,
When the jump I land, goes the way I want,
Like typing on Word, in the correct font.

The language of my heart, is like no other,
It's like the best friend code, or like a favorite brother,
When things just seem to go your way,
The feeling it's like, on your birthday.

Like a dog running in his sleep,
And catches the rabbit, the rabbit he'll keep,
When the race is over, you've win first place,
The look of happiness, on your face.

Sorrow, for all in family,
That are dead, that we can no longer see,
The emptiness that fills your heart,
That's when the words my hearts speaks, that's when they take part.


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