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Chapter 1


Cancel the world of love and hate,
For those who play upon Satan's gate,
And frolic and run in joy and glee,
The souls who roam, captured but free.

For people under Satan's power,
and approaching the gates to Hades,
The persons that rebels and changes his life,
From war to the lovely ladies.

For them that are drawn and pulled away,
From happy lives they own,
For those that see the error of they're ways,
And repent to the heavenly stone.

Of those that whine and weep in terror,
They're lives are filled with fear,
For those who see the sack-cloth wearer,
Who pull away from the trouble within, that brews like a beer.

Things that sting and bite of nature,
For all things that are helplessly eaten,
For the poor homeless child that walks to school,
But constantly gets beaten.

For the kid that beats and kicks and tears,
The kids that receive his blows,
For the Heavenly Father that stands by and watches,
For the outcome he already knows.

The kid fall to his feet, and begs for mercy,
The mercy that never comes,
In his eyes the light goes out,
And he lays on the ground among the bums.

Up to the gates, Saint Peter welcomes,
And into the sanctuary of Heaven,
Where peace is always and war is never,
The kid frolics playfully for ever.

The bully, he stares at the pitiful sight,
That lays in front of him,
A tear glistens in his eye,
But then it's gone, out of sight.

The terror roams, the terror seeks,
It's the terror of the night,
Seeking children, innocent children,
To help with all it's might.

The terror is a misnomer,
Who is gentle in its kind,
But when the worst, comes to worst,
You want it on your side.


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