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Chapter 1


Hateful humans full of greed,
They seem nice on the outside,
But yes! outside! is where they leave us,
When all we seek is vitals.

They turn away when we ask for help,
And kill animals without thought,
We take these pets, we keep them with us,
Like we own them without second thought.

We train them to do things,
Do things for us, act like our servants, they're not,
They become our servants, our slaves,
We TRY to save them if they're injured, but you "Do or do not." but try you DO NOT.

They start wars over pitiful things,
They take away all our cash,
But there it is, that word again,
Is say burn the green stuff to ash.

Is that what we are, a thing of greed?
Sometimes, we are not,
But when things come to the smallest deals,
A war we start, a shot.


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