The Cloudy Day

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Chapter 1

The Cloudy Day

The cloudy day with drops of rain and thunderstorms galore,
The friend that separate, the divorced couple, the lovers that aren't no more.
The love, the hate, the thunderstorm, the people that I meet,
When one friend subtracts from the equation a wrong answer you will meet.

The sorrow of the broken heart, broke in many pieces,
But when the friends try to make amends and fails it hurts, you fall to pieces.
The extent for friendship, it comes in many yards,
But when the friendship fall apart, so does your heart in many shards.

The answer to the equation, will never be complete,
Until the lifelong friend for joy, it happens, you will meet.
The problems answer is always wrong,
Just like a bad note in a song.

You try to see the purpose of the sorrowful life you lead,
But until the friendship is complete, the sorrow your heart will bleed.
The storm, the end, there's always a rainbow, unless the sun don't come out,
If the sun, hides behind the clouds, it makes you want to scream and shout.


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