A Lot

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Chapter 1

A Lot

How do I word this? How do I say?
The words they don't come out,
When I open my mouth in vain attempts,
When to the people I attempt to shout.

The wheel has no corners, no sharpness,
That wheel is the very thing I want to be,
With no meanness, no flight,
I want to be fearless through the dark, stormy night.

Seeing the flight, of innocent people,
Fleeing to a sanctuary, fleeing to the steeple,
I feel no fear, before the great storm,
I stand strong, my heart is warm.

The evil that comes, is like no other,
The evil that comes, hits me hard,
I happens so fast, it barely hurts,
I fall to my knees, in the blood stained dirt.

I attempt to get up, to save my people,
Huddled in fear, beneath the steeple,
They watch, as my attempts grow weaker,
The energy is leaving me, through the hole, a leaker.

Then a great warmth, fills my chest,
So this is Heaven, so this is death,
The vision clears, I see the monster,
I stand back on feet, I'm back for the people!

It comes at me again, making me stumble,
The sound of its growl echoing off of the rubble,
It turns around, expecting to see death, but it doesn't,
I look it in the eye, challenging it to more.

It came at me, with all of its strength,
I stood my ground, it on the brink,
Of death, of course, me sapping its energy,
Now it's its turn, to fall to its knees.

It fears, not understanding why this foe doesn't die,
It's scared, it frightened, in vain it does cry,
I stand over it, me being the wheel,
I spare it it's life, his pain I feel.

It vowed not to come back,
Never again,
To leave the people alone,
The people safe again.


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