12 Zodiac Superpowers 4.0

12 Zodiac Superpowers 4.0

While I don't believe in astrology in regards to real life, the descriptions of each sign do inspire me (not to mention a lot of anime/manga series actually give characters birthdays and matching star signs) enough to create fictional abilities each sign might possess or represent. I've debated with myself a lot on these and even now I still do sometimes. But here's what I've got. (Also found on http://capricornguy.deviantart.com/journal/12-Zodiac-Superpowers-491161152)

Chapter 1

12 Zodiac Superpowers 4.0

Because I'm biased, I'm of course going to give my own sign the kind of power I'd like to possess. The Capricorn radiates an immense aura capable of paralyzing others, controlling objects, and even manipulating time. The Capricorn also commands a uniform army trained in a variety of fields (swordsmanship, marksmanship, commandeering vehicles, etc.) who can easily adapt to any environment. The Capricorn troopers can also summon and utilize random objects in eccentric ways (inspired by Goat Simulator). Everyone including the Capricorn commander wears a goat mask and the commander can assimilate others into his own army by forcing a goat mask on them. The Capricorn commander often stands on top of a mystical mountain where he can see and monitor the activities of his entire army. He is also capable of building advanced civilizations on whatever land he takes over.

The Aquarian wields heavenly healing water than can give life to just about anything, including the dead and inanimate objects. The same water can also be used to grow various plants or create healing springs. The Aquarian can also summon the heavenly water in the form of rain for a much broader area of effect.

The Pisces is a pure water elemental with physical traits of a fish. As expected, he/she can breathe underwater and are expert swimmers. In fact, Pisces can move so freely underwater as if the water currents don't mean a thing! The fish can also teleport between any points within the same body of water. Pisces is an Atlantean who can communicate with marine animals and command them in battle. The weapon of choice for a Pisces would be a trident.

The Arian is a warrior from body to spirit. Aries possesses high physical strength and martial prowess empowered by an arduous spirit. In addition to high offense, Aries can grow thicker wool as a means of defense. Aries can also increase in size as well as create a powerful massive sword from concentrated energy. The slash of the sword extends to long distances.

An immensely powerful bull with a body of steel and a giant heavymetal tomahawk that can also be used as a bludgeon. Because the tomahawk also has a chain, the Taurus can swing his powerful weapon to deal long-ranged damage. The axe is strong enough to bore through just about defenses. Taurus him/herself is physically a powerhouse even without the weapon.

We have a virtuous twin and a darker twin. The "good" twin is the one that's usually visible, while the "evil" twin hides in his/her sibling's shadow but becomes more active during battle. The good twin possesses holy light-based powers while the dark twin wields shadows and illusions. The two alternate their attacks to form a powerful dual combination of yin and yang.

The Cancer possesses a powerful giant claw that "sharpens" or enhances in power each time it strikes an opponent. Cancer can also extend his claw to grab enemies, steal anything valuable. He/she also possesses the ability to calculate and detect others' statistics. Cancer also wears an armor that can be empowered by the moon to enhance overall strength, speed, and defense.

The Leo is a pure fire elemental who boasts explosive power capable of incinerating multiple enemies at a wide range. His/her overwhelming flames leave little room for escape. The Leo can also hide in a heat induced mirage to perform assassination feats. He/she is also capable of transforming into a powerful fiery lion with enhanced strength and agility.

Okay, I was very much inspired by Fairy Tail's Virgo on this one. She is an earth elemental who can manipulate dirt and stone as well as tunnel underground. However, her fighting style is more unique than that. Like Fairy Tail's, my Virgo also dresses like a maid, but while she seems to mopping and dusting the floor (or just having a picnic outdoors), she can secretly hide traps beneath the ground, such as landmines and pitfalls over a seemingly flawless field.

I made the Libra an air elemental because I felt that air or wind would be an element perfect for emphasizing balance. It takes balance to keep the air circulating, to enable flight, and to allow freedom in movement. Libra's mastery over the wind enables him/her to perform all of the aforementioned as well as control objects by manipulating the air around them. He/she can also create barriers of wind that can carry other forces of nature as well, such as fire, water, or sand.

Just like an actual scorpion, the Scorpio uses poison in battle. The Scorpio uses chained, sickled spears coated with lethal venom to assassinate his/her enemies and can sometimes score instant kills. But because Scorpio can also use a variety of other poison-armed weapons and traps, he/she is naturally immune to poison.

As expected, the Sagittarian is a master archer who can snipe enemies at a long range. The archer can also control the trajectory of his/her arrows to ensure the target is hit. He/she is also capable of shooting a storm of arrows to kill the enemy without leaving any room for escape. Furthermore, the Sagittarian can narrow his/her energy into a laser for ensuring precision.

And that is all! So let me know what you guys think and what your ideas might've been.


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