Meghan Trainor - Title EP Review

Chapter 1


by: GeekRemix
This is a review on Megan Trainor's EP Title

1. All About That Bass

Whoa! This song as the EP only single is definately a win win. "Every inch of you is perfect" croons Megan over a bassline and doo wop background singers. The message and the feels of the tune is why this song is a smash hit in the first place and Megan rightfully deserves that. But, I really feel like this should not have been the first track. The beginning chorus doesnt show off her voice at all, at least not as much the verses do. 8.5/ 10

2. Title

With the strong lyrical theme and the catchy guitar riff, you know what makes this song iffy? The autotune. Y r p, there isnt alot but there is some. But even a little makes you feel disappointed in Megan. Because I know that she has a good voice so USE IT! 7/10

3. Dear Future Husband

Although with some similarities, Dear Future Husbang is way cachier and brings back the doowop background of All About That Bass and fuses a track that out beats both of them. 8/10

4. Close Yours Eyes

This time theres no backup singers or high trumpet synths. Just Megan. This very stripped down song is amazing! While sending a message to her fans, she shows of her beautiful voice ! Good job Megan! 9/10

Overall Review: 8.1/10

Favorite Song: Close Yours Eyes

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