Just to Say

Chapter 1

Just to Say

Just to say life stresses me out,
Makes me want to scream and shout.
When things seem overwhelmingly tough,
I try to keep on going when the going gets rough.

Things these days just don't seem to end,
Another assignment around every bend.
When the weather gets brutal, I go outside,
So when the going gets brutal, I curve and comply.

Things these days seem so dang hopeless,
I'm not so sure, but I seem helpless.
Watching the slackers struggle with easy problems,
It is so frustrating, they make me queasy, my troubles.

My life is ruined,
The fortune teller said 'doom'.
I need some room,
To cool off in gloom.

My world, my eyes,
They're all made of lies.
The font, the scheme,
It is just the wrong theme.(for me)

When through my eyes, I see all lies,
When in reality it's the truth, the feeling, it claws, the sounds of my cries,
My sorrows many and away I drew,
My joys, my happiness, they sum up to few.

I cannot see how people like me,
For saddening it is to see.
That they get pleasure from my jokes,
They haul on me like an oxens yokes.

Whenever I have something in store,
They wear out fast, forever more.
Feverish I'm afraid I feel,
The world seems, just all too real.

I'm a small child in a world so large,
I'm drifting away like a lose barge.
Small and inconspicuous I feel,
Compared to this monster, frightening and real.

The royal blue of the sky won't cheer me up,
I'm never playful like a pup.
When people ever invite me in,
Maybe I'll join, just maybe, then.

Things big and small,
Affect me most of all.
But the race for most, the race of life,
Is carefree and without strife.

Nothing I feel, no emotion, not real,
Left out, the fifth wheel.
A symphony of sorrow, not joy,
A symphony, of which I will soon deploy.

Where the corners turn sharp, and most keep going,
I give up, in my world, in my world it's bowing.
Where most are aching, in pain for the lacking,
I feel anger, anger for the slacking.

Nothing prods me, no, not the spear,
For the only thing I am scared of, it is named fear.
Who walks this planet, without feeling small,
I wish good luck, the best luck of all.

For the people, am the people, with the people,
Who gather now under this steeple.
For the people buried in the grave,
For the broken dead, I rant and rave.

How do these persons see this take place,
Before the fatalities, before there face.
They do nothing, and watch in vain,
The people who die, who die in pain.

When I stand back, to watch the trouble,
That takes place, there, upon the rubble.
Seeing they do nothing, fills my eyes with tear,
Seeing they do nothing, fills me with great fear.

A fear I've never felt before,
The evil lurks behind the door.
But avoid that door, I swear I will,
I walk over the dale away, from evil, that lurks over hills.

Doom it brings into my heart,
Fate, I believe, will never part.
When it leaves, it finally will,
I will go back, back over that hill.

When I approach the enterance to the door,
A foreboding evil from never before.
Hits my chest, the pain so hard,
I stumble, slip, and fall backwards.

I felt nothing, I saw only the light,
At the end of the tunnel, that dangerous night.
The light's no illusion, the tunnel is instead,
Putting these rhymes down on paper, coming from my head.

I'm sick, I'm tired, I'm worn out, I'm done,
I saw the light of the fateful black sun.
I knew the way, finally, at last,
I remember scenes, coming from my past.

Deep, dark, foreboding, and frightening,
The sound, it's thunder, it's rain, it's lightning.
The roar and the cry of the child in the night,
I saw, I see nothing, revealed by the candlelight.

The black, the red, the dark, the cold,
When you see this, my story will be told.
The shriek of the wind, the foreboding story of my life,
The cries of the winds attempts to carry away my strife.

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