Once Upon A Memory

I don't know where this is going...I'll only continue if you guys like it.
It's sort of a VERY vague retake of Rapunzel. So...yeah...
Rate, comment, help me out, high five... hahaha
❤ Scar

Chapter 1


I’ll never exactly know what woke me. Even today I could not tell you for sure. Perhaps it was the slight breeze that danced across my bare arm, so foreign and unfamiliar in the stuffy room. Perhaps it was the slight sound of the door as it was pushed softy open, or the muffled footsteps that made their way to my bed. Or perhaps it was the faint whispering of my name, the voice resembling clashing steel, or the grating of a prison door, that roused me from my troubled slumber. But I know for a fact that I was certainly wide awake by the time I was wrenched out of bed and pushed to the cold wood of the floor, my screams and cries futile and utterly in vain. For who would possibly hear me? In this vast, empty house, miles away from anywhere….who would come to my aid? No one.

I have never in my life been hit before. Call me spoilt, call me what you want, I have never been hit. That would probably be on account of me having lived all my life with my grandmother, who was not strong enough to look after herself, let alone raise a hand to hurt me. So you can imagine my shock, first at being found in the first place, and secondly, at being hit. Hard. In the face. I admit it, I did scream. And cry, and try stupidly to fight back. Ha. What could I, a weak, pathetic girl of eighteen do to possibly harm a great full grown man? Nothing. It merely angered him more. I realised, too late, that he had with him a gun, and as I tried hopelessly to free myself from his vice like grip, he brought the butt of the gun down upon my head.


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