Chapter 1


You know how i said earlier that I hate her? Well, I do even more now. I was telling her about my anxiety and you know what she said? "You're going to have to get over it." REALLY?! Do you even know what anxiety is?! And you know what happened that same day? My little half-brother (he's 6) was crying (because of her) and she just told him to stop. Again, REALLY?! It was like, 8:30 or something, she was making practice his spelling words, he was tired and he already was crying about something on the car ride home. This is just what pisses me off about her. I extremely hope that my unborn little brother or sister doesn't have to deal with this stuff. But they probably will. I mean, just because she is a Scorpio, doesn't mean she has to be the angry stereotype of them. I'm a Libra, yet I'm not flirty or like to deal with peoples problems. Does anyone else have this problem with anyone? Not the astrology, but with parents being arses for their kids doing or being something that's completely natural?


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