The Phantom Forest

The Phantom Forest

I wrote a scary story at school :D enjoy!

Chapter 1

Lost Ways

by: Sarah8
I was lost in the dark woods. The trees were bare, their dead leaves lay stomped into the ground. The moon cast its red light through the endless gloomy forest. I was shaking with fear, my head spun in circles. Creatures scattered minute by minute, squirrels fled from swaying trees. Heavy winds swept under each fallen limb. The gusts gave me goosebumps, my journey was far from the end. There I walked to no destination. Owl voices echoed through my mind. My eyes widened, then I suddenly became paralyzed in movement. I listened, still the owls screamed, but I shifted past that. Faint footsteps marched through the dirt. I swiftly gathered my courage and ducked under a log. I peeked through a cleared opening to see what lay ahead. All at once crows flew away, owls went silent, winds froze icy cold, and the ground shook. The rumbling grew deeper with every passing second. Then everything stopped. The wind, the ground, the stomping. I waited and pondered through my best judgement. It was useless, my fear over powered my intellectual capabilities. I looked out and saw nothing. I snuck out into the open. The clear path I roamed through was dead. I was stuck. Should I move forward? Should I wait longer, Should I- The sound of my screeching voice filled the forest, ballooning over the deep horizon, echoing in and out of trees, shooting an adrenaline rush through my system. My blood-curdling stomach flipped and without thinking I leaped away. The limbs of many trees crashed down to defeat. My arm scraped against the sharp edges of the lamented branch. I squeezed it tightly. Burning blood seeped through my hand. A horrifying scream ripped through the air. The other side of the forest collapsed. The souls of the once living creatures who were minutes ago striving for life, were motionless. I felt it. I picked myself up off the ground. The other half of the forest stood pitch black. It would be impossible for even the nocturnal eye to detect a light source. Then a flash of the yellowest eyes stared at me, and disappeared. Behind me I felt the presence of a living monster shadow behind me. Not a thought ran through my head. I ran. I ran for my life. In every direction it appeared before me. Duplicating, moving in closer, surrounding me.. As it moved in my body twisted with panic, it throbbed in pain. The black shadowed monster pierced my throat with his sharp bladed claws. I lay on the ground motionless, but awake. The shadow tore me apart. and dragged me away. With each step my arm dreadfully scraped against every stick, rock, or abandon bone. There was nothing I could do to stop this evil force. The beast came to a slow stop after lugging me to only God knows where. A circular purple void stretched between two trees. I was hiding my emotion, but on the inside I was screaming and pleading for him to let me go, but at the same time I wanted to jab his own razor sharp scratch into his dark evil soul. His heavy breathing didn't ease my discomfort in any way. With all power he thrust me forward into the eternal dimension. I struck the purple air as it coated my helpless body.


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