The thick German accent

My character is Mike. The idea for this story was given to me by Confident_me. I write this story in memory of Jack Bjork, my grandpa who changed my life. He died yesterday,at 2:36 PM.

Chapter 1

The Storm

It all started when the storm started. There was something unusual and unstable about this storm. We could tell from the start. For starters, the lightning was red. Then things started blowing around the whole yard, but there was no wind. Then after three days time, there was a flood, but no rain. (Some where across the world). A child was born, it was a girl, Zelda, she was different from the start, she beat up kids twice her own age and size. She always came out of a fight unscathed. She never lost a battle. She wanted to enlist in the army, the drafter said that women were not allowed in the army, she got in and nobody has ever heard from the drafter since. That was thirty years ago.

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