Dedicated to my grandpa who made lots of them. 9/30/14

Chapter 1


Memories as bleak and as dark as the dessert.
Memories to the better good they will revert.
Memories the sound of little feet.
Memories that never will retreat.

Memories that sound out in the air.
Memories that are kind and fair.
Memories of loved ones stumbled and lost.
Memories of cold and icy frost.

Memories like roads on the ground.
Memories travel all around.
Memories that twist and turn.
Memories upon touching the urn.

Memories sad and happy.
Memories sweet and sappy.
Memories of comfort from the pain.
Memories from much I had to gain.

Memories never to be past dreams.
Memories that flourish and float without themes.
Memories always to be kept.
Memories always to be met.


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