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How many of you enjoy writing characters and having them interact with others' characters? Have you become bored with group stories, or with roleplaying via private messages on Quibblo?

Why not give Chatzy a try?

Chapter 1

Read! (Or at least skim through)

Now, for those few who know me, I'm generally someone who does not make 'stories' for this kind of thing; in this case, though, notes weren't long enough to put all the information on, so I decided that creating this story was the alternative.

My friends, _Linde_, QuizGirl912, coldplayluver, and LennonWeasley, and I have been roleplaying on a website called Chatzy for years now and while it's really fun, we've recently decided to see if we can get at least a few others to join us, to add diversity in writing styles.

That being said, onto the theme!


Written by QuizGirl912:

Welcome to Nohamphold High School.

Due to recent budget cuts, funding for several clubs will need to be ended. These clubs include, but are not limited to: the Chess Club, the Bowling Club, the school newspaper, the Drama Club, the Speech & Debate team, the Book Club, the Mathletes, and the Academic Team. In order for these clubs to continue through this school year, funds will need to be raised by these individual clubs. Programs on the list of cuts that cannot become self-sufficient will be cut from the school altogether.

Thank you for your understanding.


One big part of this story is that all characters are to have at least one secret about them; maybe something painful from their past, present, or perhaps it has yet to happen. All secrets must play a part in their story in some way, even if it's somewhat minor. Not all secrets have to be embarrassing, but darkness is definitely welcome in this story. One thing that isn't allowed is something supernatural like them being a werewolf or vampire or something -- sorry, but that just isn't the story we're playing in this case. However, feel free to make them have a dead family member which they use the Ouija board to contact on a regular basis.

Get creative, though! We can't wait to see what your characters are hiding. Whether you want to reveal the secrets early on to other roleplayers, or play it out slowly through the progression of the story is entirely your choice.


A few things to know about the school layout and rules:

The school is a boarding high school with dorms, but there are some exceptions for those who have medical issues that allow them to attend school while living at home with their family or caregivers. This means that your character does not have to be in the dorms, they can live at home if they have a reason to.

Dorms are generally two people to each room, some have a bathroom, but most do not, forcing your characters to use a community bathroom for all their bathroom needs, including showering. Hey, at least there's one bathroom for each gender, since that could be awkward if it wasn't.

The school, which is quite large, has many dorms, all named after Greek goddesses and gods, which, while the dorms are not coed, are for either gender: Zeus, Hera, Athena, Artemis, Apollo, Dionysus, and Hermes. You're free to choose which dorm your character will live in this school year! I hear Dionysus is known for being full of people who love to throw parties.

The school is made up of several buildings, with the cafeteria close to the centre. Teachers understand that walking between buildings to get to classes can be a pain, but do try not to be late. (Or do, if you feel your character is the type to be late often.)

That's all I can think of for now, but if you have any questions, feel free to come in the room and ask the people in there about things! It's likely that my friends and I will be in there at some point to answer your questions. I'm the admin of the room.

It's the first few days of school at the moment, but class hasn't started yet, that way everyone can start at the same place in the roleplay.


Some general rules and tips for roleplaying with us:

- No Mary-Sues or overly-perfect characters. Please, there's nothing wrong with giving a character real flaws that affect them over the course of the story. Of course, your character is free to have talents or be smart, but just make sure they're realistic and that they won't manipulate the story constantly to PWN everyone.

- Please don't give your character an eating disorder or graphic self-harm, as it can be really triggering to people and we don't want anyone to feel upset. Almost anything else is welcome, but this really is a no, for reasons I am not going to get into. Just trust that we have a good reason for it, please.

- NO graphic sexual acts. I cannot stress this enough. It's just not allowed. Of course, you can totally have someone snog or make out (just try not to be too disgusting, yeah? Haha), especially if it's important to the character's plot or whatever. Also, characters can talk about the fact that they have or have not had sexual intercourse in there, but don't be too graphic about it.

- If you're going to portray something dark like depression (which is allowed, so long as you're very careful about it), do research on it. This is very important. Portraying something inaccurately can really offend people, especially those who are going through it. Even if you happen to suffer from something, it doesn't mean you know everything about how someone with it would act. If you don't want to play something accurately, don't bother playing it at all.

- No trolling. Seriously, just don't do it.

- Don't be a jerk to other roleplayers. That said, feel free to make your character a total pain in the butt. We love variety of characters!

- Swearing is welcome, but expect your character to be given a warning if they start dropping the F-bomb during class. Just know that we're not offended at all, we're just trying to keep it realistic. Hey, but some teachers really don't care if you curse, so expect it to differ depending on the class.

- Original characters only. No fandom characters are allowed, nor are any real life band members, actors, or other famous people. Really, try your best to be original in here instead of copying other stories!

- Try to make friends! In-character or out, it's all good. My friends and I are excited to meet you!

- Don't get offended by in-character banter, fights, et cetera. It's not worth it and nobody is out to hurt you, I promise. Not all characters mix well and like each other immediately, just like in real life.

- Ships and romance are totally welcome, but I really hope your character will still have a life outside their significant other. Unless they're the type to be consumed by a love interest. Not literally, cannibalism is effing disgusting.

- Invite your friends, if you want, so long as they can follow the rules! Sometimes it helps to go into this with a buddy. Both internet and real life friends are allowed, but please have them read these rules, unless you can fill them in yourselves.

- Something important to note is that the room only allows ten people in it at a time, but we will do what we can to accommodate you. In the future, the room might become premium (which allows no limit to the amount of people in there) if it's really popular, but as of now, there are no plans for that.

- As you've probably gathered, this room is going to have some themes and situations that are not really for anyone under high school level. But if you're a mature thirteen-year-old, feel free to join, we're not going to restrict or judge you.

- When posting out-of-character (as yourself), please use parentheses.

- Face-claims are welcome, but not by any means necessary. Whatever you find most comfortable. GIFs are also allowed, if you want to use them.


If you've somehow stuck through this whole long "story," I really hope you're considering joining us in this roleplay. If you fail to remember all the rules, it's cool, we'll just nudge you in the right direction while we're roleplaying with you. However, if you continue breaking the rules (especially the big ones about graphic roleplaying and triggering subject matter), you will be banned after a few warnings.

Really, even if you're not confident in your roleplaying abilities, give it a try! We just want to meet new people.

Try to think your character(s) through before joining in, but if you're better at improv, feel free to wing it and see how the characters come out. If you can't think of anything, join in and ask for some help with character ideas! I'm sure people in there would be happy to bounce some ideas around, whether it's about personality, character secrets, family life, et cetera.

We hope to see you soon! All you have to do is put a first name and last name in the alias box, pick a colour (we prefer if it's not one that has a name yet), and enter the room! See you then.

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