Bridge Creek Academy

We all have our powers. Many of us. We just need to find them within ourselves. Bridge Creek Academy roots out those very special abilities in teenagers and trains them so that they can control that powers and never cause the pain of others. One day, a mysterious girl is sent to Olive Montoya, who has a new and dangerous power, and the school will do everything in it's ability to control it and her.

Chapter 1

Saved/Kidnapped by a Really Hot Girl - Olive Montoya

The familiar sound of my alarm goes off, and I groan. This shouldn't be happening, not today, anyways. It's summer.

Well, as summer as summer can get in Finland. There's no snow, but it's still cold.

I smack the alarm, resulting in it to fly off the table. Dammit. It continues to ring, so I just role out of bed. The first thing I do in the morning is glance in a mirror, on instinct, just to see how I look straight away in the morning.

My hair is short and dark brown, like always, but it usually goes down to my mid-neck, but today it's so messy and full of kinks that it goes to about my nose. I sigh, brushing it behind my ear. My eyes are bright blue, darker around the rims. They're always wider in the morning, framed by smudged mascara and wing eyeliner from the previous day. My nose is as straight as always and my lips full and pink, but of course chapped. It's cold as Hell.

I walk over to the bathroom just outside of my white, plain room and wash my face in the steady gust of water from the rusty sink. When the water touches my face, it suddenly burns. I yelp, and jump back. It's like I had the water way to hot or way to cold. I turn it off and leave the bathroom. The first sight I see at my exit is my mother, yelling at my dad, before leaving our motel room and slamming the door behind her. My dad narrows his eyes at me before following her.

I sit down at the small kitchen table. I'm extremely annoyed. Every morning it's my mom and my dad screaming at each-other. They're only still married because neither of them want custody of me. I'm to much trouble and to much money.

I'm deep in thought, when I begin to feel heat growing around me. I turn around, and scream.

The wall behind me is covered in flames, licking at the ceiling and the floor. I jump up and run for the door, not thinking at all, and touch the doorknob. Suddenly, the door is masked in dark red flames. I stand still in the room full of flames, feeling them just getting to my feet and creating a ring around me. It's almost as if I'm the only thing the flames won't touch. They're everywhere but the small circle where I stand. I am filled with panic and relief at the same time.

Suddenly, I hear a sharp crack as the door falls down. A girl peers into the doorway, her dark green eyes wide.

"Blimey!" She exclaims, in what I think is a British accent. "That's a lot of fire!" She looks at me with an odd look, before making her way across the wooden bridge of door and grabbing my hand. I feel sort of an electric shot go through my hand, but I'm guessing it's just my imagination. She then pulls me out of the burning motel and onto the ground below my room. How she got up to my room, which was on the fourth floor, is a mystery to me.

"Wait, who are you?" I try to gasp through the no air in my lungs.

"We can talk when we're on a train." She says, still pulling me away from the burning building.

My brain tries to tell me this is a kidnapping. What else could it be? But, then again, this girl seems to be about 16, like me. Her only real different from me is toned arms and legs, and wider hips but that's it. How could this be a kidnapping?

Eventually, she drags me to a train station. Nobody else is around and a train is going by slowly.

"Perfect!" The girl says happily. "Alright... Here it comes."

An open cargo section of the train comes by, and she hops straight up and onto the cart. "Come on, then!" She says to me. I blink, and then, somehow, pull myself up. She helps me a bit, and then leans back into stacks of hay on the cart. I sit across from her.

"Mind telling me who you are?" I say, extremely confused. I might need to jump off this cart at any second.

The girl looks easygoing and relaxed, one leg scrunched up and the other straight out. Her arms rest on her knee. "The name's Jade Levine." She says, moving her arms out in a sarcastic, theatrical way. "I'm here to rescue you from your crappy life."

I blink. "What?"

"What's your name?" She asks, leaning forward slightly, tipping her head to the side. Wow, I think to myself. She's actually quite pretty. Her hair is kind of a mixture of dark blonde and honey-brown and sort of flipped over one side of her head. Her eyes are hazel, with hazelnut brown and dark green. Her face is kind of angled and small with a pointed chin, and her nose is small and rounded. Her lips are in a smirk, light pink and thin. She reminds me of an elf.

"Olive Montoya." I stammer. "Where are we going?"

"We're going to the place you'll spend the rest of your life." Jade says with a grin. "Bridge Creek Academy, school for the superhuman."

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