*******Every time it say "name" or "real name" I am going to use my internet name*******

Chapter 7

I'm 27% Spoiled

*I have a strong dislike of Apple, so I'm going to do the Windows/Android version

() An iPod touch (I have a generic touch screen MP3 player)
()An iPhone (Random Verizon Samsung thing)
(X)An ipad (Actually a Surface)
() A laptop (the surface is a Tablet/laptop)
() Your laptop is an Apple
(X) A Wii
(X)You had a Gameboy when you were little and/or still have one\
() A Gamecube
() An Xbox
(X)A PSP or PS3 or whatever playstation device (PS3 and 4)
(X)A TV in your room
(X)The TV is a Flatscreen
Total So Far: 7

() You shop at Abercrombie & Fitch
() You shop at Hollister
()You have Juicy Couture items (purses, jewelry, tracksuits, etc.)
()You have a Coach purse
() You refuse to wear anything from Asda
()You have more than 3 pairs of Uggs
(X)You have gold jewelry
(X)You have diamond jewelry
Total So Far: 9

() You get your nails done at a salon a lot
() You've gotten a facial at a salon
() You've been on a cruise
()You've been out of the country on a vacation
Total So Far: 9

() You go to a private school
() You've got a private teacher
() Your parents give you the best medical care at the school
() They make sure you have only friends that support
Total So Far: 9

Times your answer by 3, and put the title as "I am __% spoiled."

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