I'll Settle Down...Soon

A 15yo runaway is on the road and meets a friend who just can't let her go.

Chapter 2

The Other Woman

Renee was Jenny's ex. It wasn't hard to see why; Renee was jea-lous! Not to mention stalkerish. Ever since I had been in town and probably ever since the two of them broke up, Renee always showed up after Jenn. It was clear she was following her, but Jenny always told me it was nothing.
As she approached me, she slowed down.
"How are things?" the tall, curvy brunette asked.
I was surprised at the way she was being so friendly. I glanced at her sideways, "Fine." I said slowly.
"Keepin' busy?" she seemed to be prying for something; also to my annoyance, she was inching closer.
I took a step backward, "Yeah...as a matter of fact I should get going." I turned to go.
"You should." she answered smugly under her breath.
I turned to face her, and trying to keep my voice low, I said, "What was that?"
Renee smirked, "You should go." she got in my face again, "You're too good for a (wh)ore like Jenn."
I seriously considered punching her in the mouth right then, but then I imagined the lecture I'd get from Jenny and I laughed in her face instead, "No, Renee, she's too good for you. You need to back off. I'm not looking for any trouble, but if you keep this up, you're gonna get into some."
Renee pretended to be hurt, "Hey, babe, I'm not lookin' for trouble either, Just want ya to know ya don't gotta settle."
Then she smirked at me again and kissed me- hard. I was so stunned that for a moment, I couldn't even react. But when I recovered, I pushed her away from me as hard as I could. I meant to send her reeling into the trashcan, but she was stronger than I thought, so she only stumbled a few inches.
"What the HELL is wrong with you?!" I screamed.
She wouldn't stop with that nasty, but cute smirk. I really didn't get it. She came really close to me.
"Push me again," Renee whispered, "I like it."
I spat in her face. Then, it was my turn to smirk, "You like that, don't ya?" I whispered back.
She wiped spit out of her eye, "Lorri--" she stammered.
I cut her off, "..Just stay away from me and from Jenny."
Then, I walked away, leaving Renee with her mouth hanging open. I figured she wasn't used to being told no. I prayed she wouldn't call the cops on me for pushing her, (you never know) If Renee did, She would definitely find me.
Next, I had to go and find my next meal. I knew Jenny had promised that pot roast Hannah was making, but I, being a runner, could never let my guard down, never stop preparing to get through tomorrow.

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