I know I'm breaking the fourth wall here, but I don't care cuz this is just the intro. I know I've got a lot of stories with only one chapter right now and I have several stories similar to this, plus it's not all that original, but I like writing them so yeah.
Das all

Chapter 1

Behind Bars

I open my eyes and see a row of steel bars in front of me. Looking around wildly, I quickly realize that I am in a cage, just big enough for me to fit in. A hundred questions instantly run through my mind; who am I? Where am I? How did I get here? Why am I in a cage? Why does my head feel like I got hit with a hammer?


A voice interrupts my thoughts. "Yeah, he's in here." The voice is gruff and deep and devoid of emotion. A door opens at the far side of the room, spilling bright light into the room. Two outlines stand in the open doorway. Both are tall, but that is all I can tell from their outlines.

"It, Dr. Kessler," another voice, this one lighter, but not with any trace of sympathy, just like the other voice. "Not he. We do not consider our test subjects 'he' or 'she'. That makes them easy to get attached to."

"Yes, ma'am," the deeper voice says.

My eyes adjust to the light and I can see two people in white lab coats standing just inside the doorway. One is a woman with long, light brown hair that is in a braid down her back, reaching just past her shoulders. The other is a man, slightly shorter, with dark skin, shaved hair and a growing beard.

I try to spit insults at them, or say anything at all, but the words won't form. I can''t even make a sound when I open my mouth.

"He," the man starts, then corrects himself. "It. Is so young. I see they carried out your request for younger test subjects."

"Yes, the Drones are quite useful for such things. Such is the reason we use them. Anyways, now that you have seen it, when will you begin?"

"Tomorrow, Doctor. We shall begin tomorrow."

"Good. Very good indeed," she says with approval.

The woman kneels so that her face is level with mine, only the bars stopping me from tearing her eyes out. That, and the fact that I'm totally paralyzed.

"Good. Number fifteen is looking well. Its eyes show unusual amount of brain activity. What are you thinking, fifteen?"

Oh, if only you knew, britch.

She stands and turns to the to the other whitecoat. "Take note of that. We may want to study this one more."

The man scribbles notes onto a piece of paper attached to a clipboard. With that, she turns on her heel and walks away, leaving the man in her wake.

He turns his head as though he's looking at an interesting lab specimen, not another human being.

After noting something else, he too walks away and I'm left alone once again with only my thoughts.

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