Supernatural Roleplay Request!!!

I'm dying to roleplay this~!

Chapter 1

Supernatural RP

So... I'm seriously dying to roleplay this but I do have my rules. :)

1) First and foremost I'll get the style of roleplaying out of the way. I'm what people call a "novella" roleplayer. So I love lengthy replies and I love to spend time replying to my roleplays and while I tend not to pay much mind to word limits I know that my replies are all above 1,200 words. I ask you be able to keep up with me! Also I only roleplay in third person and paragraph style is a must... I'm unsure if someone could type so much using script.

2) There are a few places that I'll roleplay but on here isn't one of those. With only 2,000 characters allowed in messages I so easily can go over that, that I would have to send more than one message to get my full reply sent out. So this also goes for texts, instant messengers, and other websites that have word limits. If it doesn't have a word limit then I'll give it a try! :)

3) My limits are the following: zoophilia (bestiality), pedophilia (anyone under the age 18 with anyone over the age of 18), incest, and necrophilia (anything dealing with dead people). As someone who has a preference to mature themes all of my roleplays will have those in them. If you have limits that are different than mine please be sure to let me know because I don't want you to feel uncomfortable.

4) For Originals I don't do Your OC X My OC. I only do Your OC X Crush and My OC X Crush.

5) All I ask for is you being able to reply to me at least twice a week. I really would appreciate it if you could reply more than that but it isn't a must that you reply more than twice a week.

6) Try to keep OCs balanced and avoid using "perfect" or "beautiful" in your information please. XD And also to reassure me that you have been reading this please be sure to put what you want to RP as the subject and if you want it normal or mature. :) Mature just means more of the mature-themes, normal doesn't mean that it doesn't have mature themes, just not as much as Mature roleplays. Sorry if that's confusing.

7) If you wish to stop please let me know. :)

8) If there's anything else you want to add as your own rules please be sure to let me know!


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