Hello! I really wanted to make this story... but I'm still not sure if I'll continue it from here or whether I'll just leave it at this. I had planned something big for this story... but I might not do it. Enjoy... maybe?

And please tell me what you think!

Chapter 1


by: liberosis

I stepped up and pushed through the veils.

I watched in amazment and sadness as many long lost memories rushed to greet me.

Had they really been lost? Or had I hidden them away? Had I shoved them behind this black curtain to never see them again?

Now I knew it had been a horrible choice. Memories are what keep us alive. They are what push us on. They are what help us continue, whether they are sad or joyful. They give us a reason to continue.

Now, I'm stuck wandering through my memories and I know that I must not let go of them, for they are all I have left. They are what I must fight for. What I must not give up.

They are what define me.

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