Quibblo Club Sign Ups!!!

I may also be creating a club guide with a lot of stuff in it that the club members will need to know.

Also, the more help you put into the club, the more points you get. If you don't get a certain amount of points, you may not be able to stay in the club because the points mean that you are helping out a lot.

But if you are not able to be on quibblo for a while, let me know and we will work it out.

Chapter 1

Quibblo Club sign ups!!!

If you are interested in signing up for this club, please let me know. Something's that we might do is create group stories together. If you are in the club and create a group story for our club members to work on, only they can work on it. (By the way, make sure you add in the title of the group story, Quibblo Club Group Story.) When club starts is not final yet, though. But it may be January 1, 2015.


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