Roleplay requests!

Hey! I need some new rp buddies- so, if you are interested, go ahead and take a look.

Chapter 1

Rules and all that fun stuff.

First off, I'm not huge on spelling and grammar. I would prefer that you at least try when it comes to that stuff, but I'll be nice and let the little stuff slide. I make mistakes too!

I will list my fandoms in order of preference, as in which I would like to rp more. However, any of these are fine. If you would like to rp more than one of these, awesome!

1.) South Park (The Stick of Truth or Show)
2.) The Walking Dead (Games, Comics, or TV Show)
3.) Far Cry 3
4.) Resident Evil
5.) Watch_Dogs
6.) TF2
7.) The Last of Us
8.) Left 4 Dead
9.) Assassin's Creed
10.) Vocaloid/UTAUloid
11.) Madoka Magica
12.) Attack on Titan
13.) Marble Hornets
14.) Ace Attorney
15.) Pokemon
16.) Harvest Moon
17.) Five Nights at Freddy's
18.) Grand Theft Auto (Preferably 5 as my knowledge of the other games have slipped.)
19.) Murdered: Soul Suspect
20.) Creepypasta

- Other stuff -
* I am welcome to OC's. I love OC's and will likely use one if permission is granted. (Though I use a specific OC a lot as she is Multiverse and I've had her for so long. She's not in every universe, though.)
* I am welcome to AU, or Alternate Universe, RP. Meaning, we could be roleplaying as certain characters in a different scenario. (ex; genderbent, zombie apocalypse, etc.)
* I am not online 24/7, okay? Please, be patient!
* I love talking OOC as well! I'm not saying we have to, but I like making new friends.
* I am not very good at smut. I mean, I'll still rp it but there has to be plot and stuff, haha.
* I roleplay in any format. I like paragraph/multi-paragraph, but I will also roleplay script format as well. I prefer descriptive rp, but surely not a requirement.
* I will also roleplay any shipping you want!
* I am okay with OC/Canon character or whatever.
* We can rp angst, fluff, anything but vore and that creepy stuff xD
* Please, no mary sues. I am pretty lenient, though.

- Contact -
Quotev: Please note, I am most active here.
South Park OC Account:

Kik: RileyIstHier

Skype: Give me yours (Mine is weird, haha)

Line: MissRileyBrody

Other: If you have any other way that we can communicate, feel free to tell me! If you need to rp by email, then give me yours. I hardly use my email, though, so try for another option. Alright, bye!


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