The Vast Children (For Alexis117's picture contest)

For Alecis117 or You_Stole_My_Nickname's Picture Contest:

Chapter 1

Dark Nights

It was a dark and stormy night...

If I had written that I would have been lying for it was not one but stormy but it was desperately dark outside. Davian, Rose, and Miranda Jenkins were outside watching the stars for they had no where to go, no family to live with. For their parents had perished and they has no close family to stay with at all.

The moon was full and as always Rose had made a makeshift tent and a small fireplace. Davian pushed up his glasses and looked up from his book to watch a comet flyby.

"Do you think we will ever find another home?" Davian asks his elder sister

"I hope, but look at how beautiful is out here Davian. It's breathtaking." Rose replies

"And dark. And may I remind you that the trees look as if they are out to kill us."

Davian had been more of a bookworm then an adventurer. The closest thing he got to exploring was reading fantasy and adventure novels.

Unlike her brother, Rose loved exploring the depths of the world but had never gotten much chance to. She had to take care of Miranda and Davian, especially Miranda since she had not come out of her infant years yet.

"Everything happens for a reason right Rose?" Davian continues

"That's your saying not mine Davian. I say there is always a way." Rose answers

"Well, maybe we've been bad children. Maybe our parents had hated us. Maybe we..."

"Maybe this is just a coincidence Davian! Maybe your making a big deal out of this!" Rose interrupts

"There is no such thing as coincidence Rose!" Davian raises his voice

"There is Davian! You need to get your head out of books and just get a life!" Rose fires back

"Well, maybe life is just too harsh Rose! Maybe just maybe this happened because of us!"

"You'll wake Miranda....."

"No just listen! I need to know why this happened. Why us, what happened, what went wrong!"


"No Rose I need to know!"

Rose sighed, she couldn't keep it from her brother much longer, he did deserve to know. And soon they would wake wolves if they kept jabbering. She handed her brother the letter that her parents had left with her. She then left her brother alone to read it.

Dear Children,

Rose, you must not stay with your relatives. They will abuse or kill you. They will endanger your life. Run away into the forests and live your lives in the wild. You will do better off there than with your relatives.

Miranda, if you are reading this you probably don't remember us. We loved you a lot and we are sorry that you had to live a majority of your life as a runaway.

Davian, you must be so confused son. We suspect someone is after our lives and want you as slaves. They might act innocent, kind and caring but you will do better in a dark forest with wild animals around than your aunts, uncles, and cousins. We are sorry son. Listen to your sister.

With Love,
Mr. And Mrs. Vast, Mom and Dad

Tears struck Davian's face and he cried the whole night through. His sister nodded at his blotchy face in the morning and sighed deeply. Their parents were dead and the children were now runaways and castouts. Nothing could change that.

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