The Pain Inside

This poem is not mine. It was created by my friend while she was in a hospital bed. I asked her if I could share it with you all and she was fine with it. Anything you would like to say about this poem, I will show and tell her :)

Chapter 1

The Poem

by: liberosis

I can't think anymore
My mind is numb
All that's coming out of me is tears
It is my sign of weakness,
Being hurt too much

They all think
It'll pass by me in time
But I've felt this for two years

I get happy, they take it away
They say they care
But there's a reason for the sadness in my eyes,
The weakness in my bones

I just wish I could end the pain
It'd be so simple to not feel anything
That's already what I do

So why not just
Stop the pain for "good"


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