The Awkward Moments of a Llama (and funny stories!)

The Awkward Moments of a Llama (and funny stories!)

Okay, I've seen about a billion That Awkward Moment stories and thought to myself, "What the heck, I'll make one!". So here we are!

Enjoy and I hope you can relate. :D

Chapter 1

Awkward Moments 1 - 5

1) ''That awkward moment when you want to show someone a video on YouTube and the flippin' thing won't load for ages.''

That has happened to me on multiple occasions. I had found a hilarious video by the ever-awesome Fine Brothers, and wanted to show it to one of my friends. They came over to my house and I set up my computer, all set to play the video. I hit Play and -- it wouldn't load. Can someone say awkward?!
So we sat there for nearly five minutes in awkward silence. I kept saying "It'll load soon. It'll load soon" over and over against my will. When it finally ''did'' decide to play, we had to head off somewhere else. So that's five minutes of my life I will never get back.

2) ''That awkward moment when you join a random conversation, say something and it turns out it didn't relate to what the other people were talking about.''

I'm sure everyone has done this at some point in their life. Believe me, I have and it is ''not'' fun. Here's an example:
I was sitting on my friend's bed while she was chatting to her other mates. I sort of zoned out in a daydream, and didn't hear anything they were talking about. Then some time later, my friend asks me something and I snap back into reality.
"You agree, don't you Lacey?" she asked.
"Um... yeah!" I said, still in that margin between reality and fairyland.
There was a shocked silence, then someone else said, " Are you serious?!"
Obviously, I had no idea what had happened. Turned out I'd agreed to the fact that One Direction is the best band in the history of the world. Whoops...

3) ''That awkward moment when you say you can do something, then fail miserably at it.''

Okay, hands up who's got a story to tell. raises hand
I was at a Girls Brigade meeting and we were sewing finger puppets. I said that I was epic at sewing because I'd attended a sewing class. I wasn't lying, I actually ''had''. But only for a day, and it was like, five years ago.
I got to work and tried to sew the stupid puppet, but I couldn't even make my stitches even or anything. My leader had to fix it for me while I watched, absolutely beetroot red in the face. Ugh...

4) ''That awkward moment when you accidentally break things repeatedly.''

Back to Girls Brigade and sewing. I was making a potholder out of fabric, and not sewing by hand this time. I got to use a sewing machine! I thought it was going to be super easy but it wasn't. It was fine when I got started, then the machine just stopped suddenly. Apparently I'd jammed the needle somewhere and couldn't continue using it, as sewing machines don't usually work when they have needles jammed in them.
So I was relocated to a new sewing machine, and guess what?! I jammed a needle in that one too! It was sooooo awkward that I wanted to crawl under the table and hide. Sewing machines obviously hate me.

5) ''That awkward moment when you sing very loudly and very badly in a public place. Then people stare at you like you're off your nut.''

Hmmmm... when ''hasn't'' this happened?!
Okay, I had a stupid song stuck in my head. (If you want names, look up The Llama Farmer song). My family went shopping and I tagged along. We were in a queue at the supermarket and I was super-bored. I started humming the song and before I knew what I was doing, I was singing it really loudly. Other shoppers stared at me like I'd gone crazy, so I shut up quickly.
Curse catchy ''Horrible Histories'' songs! -_-

So that's the first five! Should I continue listing awkward moments from my life? Please say so in the comments! See you cats later. :D

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