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Click on the third chapter for a free item

Smells like the only Nirvana song you know

Chapter 1

Did anybody order a slightly-intelligent, highly confusing and sarcastic teenage girl?

by: FerSure
Alright, first off, pardon me for the childish, attention-seeker-ish title of this post (I felt like I had gone two years back in history, to the time when I was going through the obnoxious age of entering the teen years) but I felt like it would be the only thing that would get the attention of the few 20-50 active users that have me in their friends' list.

So, as probably few of you noticed (you're awesome friends, hooray!) I was gone for quite a long time, which is unusual since I kind of do the hiatus thing around January- April, it's something I've been doing since I joined, I have no idea why. I would tell you all a sad story about why I was gone and blah blah but it's not really all-that-interesting and I'm the only person that finds it frustrating, anyways, I'm just here to let you know that I will try to be more active.

I am also considering deleting this account and starting fresh, since most of my friends have not been on since the last ice-age.

I'd also like to let you know, for those of you who liked Blood and Rainbows and Lacrymosa, that I've decided to start those over and this time, I want/need (not sure what word fits best so I decided to include them both) co-authors because I'm making them group stories. I'll understand if no one wants to co-author and anyways, I will try to write them both on my own if nobody volunteers. But please, do not be scared, even though I sound like a heinous she-devil, I am really nice when it comes to writing with others, I will not bite your head off if you procrastinate and you will forever be my friend :3

I can't promise anything for this week bc I have PSAT tests on Wednesday (I think, I don't know, this tells you how productive I am when it comes to school) but after that, I'll try to log on daily and reply to all of your messages. Please understand, I have an inbox with 950 messages to read/delete/reply to.

Okay, now you are free to continue scrolling

because writing love at the end of messages is way too mainstream

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