Losing faith (poem)

Hope you'll like it :3 it's sad though :P

Chapter 1

Would you....

May the darkness lead you to despair,
May your hope vanish in the air
Just when you thought faith was all you had,
Soon and soon you're going to be dead.

A deep sorrow strikes through my heart,
You still have my soul you borrowed..
Can you just give it back
Cause soon I feel like my vision goes black.

All these visions in my mind,
Are making me sick and insane
Just when I started believing in faith
Everything changed..
And nothing remained but hatred and pain.

May these last words of mine cover your pain,
Cause soon I will be lost in the dark...
Look at me.. I am going away..
Just bury me deep inside your heart
And put the memories on a painting art.


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