Look what i just created

Hey you guys. I designed a pumpkin that my dad helped me carve since I had trouble with the knife. But I designed the pumpkin all by myself. Here is the design. Sorry if the picture is not the best though.

Chapter 1

Frankenstein's Monster.

Anyways..my dad bought a carving pumpkin which we hollowed out..Anyways.. I was allowed..after lots of begging and pleading to actually be allowed to design the pumpkin this year. Here is some pictures of the pumpkin. Which can be seen on page 58 of my photo album.

Pumpkin all lit up on inside in the dark.


Picture of the pumpkin with the lights on not lit up. Allowing for you to see how by the pumpkin is. Seriously... it is a big pumpkin...with seeds and pulp and all it weighed 41 lbs ...and when we removed the pulp and seeds it weighed 39 lbs.



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