Roleplay Request

Chapter 1

Roleplay Request

Hello! So this is my first request on here. I moved from Quizilla since it was shutting down and now I'm here. So below are everything I roleplay and if there is something you are really craving that is not on the list then you can ask me and we will figure something out! My rules will follow below my list. I trust you all will read through them all. Also I can rp on here or email. Whatever one you would want to do more.

Teen Wolf (Derek)
Once upon a time (Killian Jones,Jefferson)
The Walking Dead (Daryl)
Scrubs (Dr. Cox)
House M.D (House)
Supernatural (Castiel or Dean)
Law And Order: SVU (Depends)
American Horror Story (Season 1) (Tate)
American Horror Story (Season 2) (Dr. Oliver Thredson)
Heros (Depends)
Bones (Zack Addy, Jack Hodgins or Lance Sweets)
Sherlock (BBC) (John Watson)
Psych (Shaun or Carlton)
Burn Notice (Michael)
Justice League (Flash)
Young Justice (Kid Flash)
Orange is the new black (Depends)
Game Of Thrones (Depends)
(If you have others ask I might know them)

Harry Potter (Oliver Wood)
Twilight (Jacob)
The Avengers (Bruce Banner, Tony Stark)
Star Trek (Spock)
The Hunger Games (Cato)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Captain Jack Sparrow)
TRON: Legacy (Tron)
Hotel Transylvania (Jonathan)
Outsiders (Dallas)
Disney (Depends)
Bond Movies (James Bond)
Mortal Instruments (Jace)

(There are a ton more I know so again just ask)


Fullmetal Panic! (Kurz Weber, Sousuke Sagara)
Ouren High SchoolHost Club (Mori and Kyouy)
Blood (Haji)
Bleach (Renji,Gin,Uryū, Byakuya)
Baccano (Luck)
Black Butler (Sebastian)
Total Drama Island (Depends)
Trigun (Vash)
Gun X Sword (Van)
Gunslinger Girl (Depends)
Hetalia (Germany)
Avatar the last airbender (Zuko)
The Legend of Korra (Mako or Bolin)
Ghost Hunt (Depends)
Soul Eater (Stein)

(I know a bunch more i'm just lazy to add them...hehe just ask really)


All Kingdom hearts (Axel)
Final Fantasy 7 (Reno)


Clockwork Angel (Will)
Mortal Instruments (Jace)
Harry Potter (Oliver Wood)
The Outsiders (Dallas)

(I know more...I swear lol just ask if you want to do something)


Youtubers (Danisnotonfire)
One Direction (Niall Horan)
The Wanted (Jay McGuiness)
Famous person (depends)


Mental Patientx Doctor
Doctor x Patient
Supernatural x Supernatural
Supernatural x Hunter/Human
Supernatural Hunter x Normal Person
Supernatural Hunter x Supernatural Hunter
Guardian Angel x Human
Demon x Human
Angel x Demon
Wild West (Outlaws, Cowboys/girls, etc.)
Best friend X best friend
Enemy X Enemy
Popular X not so popular
Pirate X prince/ princess
Serial killer X victim
Stalker X victim
Mafia X Mafia
Mafia X civilian
Celebrity X normal boy/girl
Cop x Criminal
Bad cop x random person
Rapist x Kidnapped


1) So this is the biggest rule. It's the mother of all my rules since a lot of the people that want to rp never seem to follow this. I will only except PARAGRAPHS ONLY!!! They don't have to be really long I'm only asking for like 4 lines in word. But more is always great too. I love details and the more their is the more it will be better. Also with this i prefer third person but you can write in first. But third is better. Also make the povs about the same sizes. I won't care if they are a bit off from each other but for the most part it would be nice if they are about the same.

2) Grammar! just do your best with it. I'm not going to freak out on you if something isn't perfect. Just try with grammar and spelling. At least if I can read it we will be ok. So this also means no text talk. That is really all for this one.

3) I love mature rp's. I do curse in my rp's and i would prefer if you don't mind. Also if you don't have any limits that would be great. I really only have two which are bestiality and incest. Other then that i'm open to it.

4) No controlling my oc. It's ok if you move her a bit like head turn or something but that is it. Nothing else but something minor.

5) I really don't care about marry-sues as long as they aren't over the top.

6) Crushes. I will play your crush you will play mine. For this my crush is DARYL DIXON! I know a lot of people love him so we can do a AU with this. So really there is no worries just let me know before hand. Also if you are doing a AU because our crushes are the same I will send you some separate short rules so you understand my policy for it.I really don't want to fight over the crushes or even have trouble with it. So please no drama for this.

7) No hogging the spotlight. It's not fair and it bugs me. So please just share the time and just really make it fair. That is all i'm asking for here. No making everyone hate on my oc and every body loves your's. No that is not how it works so please be nice about it. Really that's all i want

8) Please do leave me. If i send a starter please actually reply to it. It makes me want to cry when people don't. Also if I haven't replied in like a few day's then you can spam me as much as you like. I do have a life outside of this and reply's could get slow at least until summer starts. So i just want to let you guys know that.

9) Have fun! this is not supposed to be a stresser and should be enjoyable. So just have fun and be free with it.


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