The Story Left Untold

Did you truly think your reality was the only one out there?

Chapter 1


White thorns protects what's right,
Pink flames burn bright;
Red swords rarely fall,
Orange bravery saves all.

Yellow smiles forever glow,
Green scars barely show;
Blue hearts fight alone,
Purple songs surpass stone.

Gray walls never break,
Brown love fights to wake;
Crystal hands crush and fight,
Black fate ends the night.

When did this simple rhyme started to control my life?

If I were to think about it, you could say there would be no escape from this fate of mine. Even before the incidents flowed over one another, the song had always been part of my world, shaping it, singing in the back of my head. The powers I have, as someone once said, is like a tragic curse placed on me to bear.

But it's also a beautiful blessing.

This the story of many peoples, of many colors flowing into each other and becoming together. It's the story of a girl who has always been searching, of a boy who had always been solving problems other than his own, of the lonely girl who has gotten tired of being alone, and of the boy who died saving me. It is their story, but it is has also became mine.
This is the Forgotten Story. The Side Story. The Lost Story.

This is The Story Left Untold, and I'm going to tell it.

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