Penny Dreadful Roleplay?.

Penny Dreadful Roleplay?.

Take a read if you're interested.

Chapter 1

Penny Dreadful Roleplay Request.

Hello Reader!.

Let's get right to it shall we!.

1. I am not a grammer nazi but I do need good grammer to be able to give a good message. I tend to lose focus and get confused when mistakes are everywhere which makes me not want to Rp...

By all means, make a mistake, it's okay, I make mistakes too. All I ask is for you to re-read what you wrote before you send it to me.

2. What I am okay to do: Mature Content. Violence. Gore. Bad Language. Marriage. Arranged Marriage. Love Triangles. Cheating. Pregnancy.

3. When I can't send a message I will let you know because I understand we all have busy moments and I have no problem waiting for a message.

Expect a good amount of messages because I do have a lot of spare time after six o'clock when I get home.

4. Please, no God Modded Sue Oc's, I can't do it, I did tolerate it before but just no...I've been pushed to far to ever consider one again. Please do not CONTROL my Oc, it's been done before and I will not have it done again.

I will never touch your Oc, it's yours, I have no right to it, I will only do your crush and various characters which would come into our Rp.

5. Paragraph form. I do make sure yours and mine are at least a same word count....yours would have more. No one sentence messages please because I would never give one, take as much time as you need if you have a mental block.

I usually do two to four paragraphs, it varies and each paragraph would have four to six sentences but again it varies and you don't have to match me.

6. It's not really a rule but I do love to get to know who you are because to me, an Rp works better if we're communicating so we can message outside of our Rp and if you have an idea or whatever, please suggest it to me and we can work on it.

I suppose I'm done now. I will Rp via emailing because it's much easier so contact me by:


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