The truth of Vampires

Chapter 1: Physiological facts
Chapter 2: History
Chapter 3: Vampires as a society

Chapter 1

Physiological Facts

Vampires are type of Lycanthrope, a bit like werewolves (in fact they are called Werebats by their Lycanthropic kin). They have the ability to take on attributes of a bat.

Sunlight: Sunlight does not kill Vampires, as many think it does. They are however, naturally nocturnal and thus are bothered by sunlight. They can become used to it over the years if the adopt a day living routine though.

Ways to kill a Vampire: Most of the myths of Vampire killing things are false. The way to kill a Vampire is anything that nullifies their fast regeneration. This means explosives, fire, and instant kill weapons.

Blood drinking: Vampires do indeed drink blood. However, they do not bite to do this. They often carry a dagger or knife of some sort to extract blood. This is because to directly extract the blood creates a Feral, a Vampire with only one thought. Feeding, and feeding some more.

Long life: Vampires live just as long as a human. However, their appearance is like that of a young adult from the time they get to that age until the time they die. The myth of vampire immortality comes from the fact that their memories, personalities, and appearance transfers to their offspring, which affectively means they are literally their own offspring.

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