Quibblonians' Life Lessons

So, I got this idea while trying to rewrite my about me and while I was running out of space there, I decided, "why not put it in an actual place where people can read and write about their own if they want". So read, comment, rate and do whatever you'd like. Share your opinions to this and let me know if you'd like to have your own chapter. I'm giving part credit to Hayley since really she came up with the title and I asked her if this would be a good idea or not.

Chapter 3

Lessons Caleb Has Learned (the hard way)

Middle school taught me a lot of things about people, not many of them good.

Most of these I learned in middle school.

Before middle school, I was a happy, loud, outspoken spazzoid of a kid. And now I'm... well, not.

I learned that people can be incredibility full of bullshit or they can be really nice, but there's not a lot in between.

I learned that not everyone is your friend

I learned that you never really know the whole person

I learned that it's best to take things slow and not to rush through them

I learned to do what you want and not care what anyone else thinks

I learned my limits, and how to push myself past them

I learned that there are a lot of decisions that you can't let others make for you

I learned to take responsibility and own up to my actions

I learned the value of integrity

I learned that we don't always get rewarded for doing good things, but we almost always get punished for doing bad things

I learned to suck it up and push past minor discomforts

I learned the value of planning ahead

I learned just how valuable it can be to listen instead of talk

I learned that being tough isn't about not feeling pain, it's about dealing with it

I learned that there are many different kinds of strong

I learned that everyone has their own problems and demons that you don't see

I learned that it's not about "how smart are you" it's about "how are you smart"

I learned that everyone is their own person and that no two people are exactly alike

I learned that sometimes it is best to just keep your head down and your mouth shut

I learned that some other kids will do all they can to provoke you just to get a reaction out of you

I learned that nobody is who they seem to be at first

I learned that, generally speaking, kids don't care if it's 'not their business'

I learned that people either don't know or don't care when to back off

I realized all the similarities between school and prison

I learned that I have many different sides to me

I learned that not everything should be said aloud

I learned that some people are tattle-tale jerks

I learned that sometimes it's best to let school admins handle things and sometimes they do nothing

I learned that sometimes it's best to just deal with your problems yourself without any need of outside help

I learned that people need to back the fruck off!

I learned that middle school is a heaping, steaming pile of total bullshit

I learned that it's okay to open up to some people, but to use discretion

I learned that people are like valuable objects; some are legit, but many are crap

I learned that internalizing your problems is not the way to handle them.

I learned how my dad really thinks of me

I learned that a lot about myself

I learned the value of good friendship

And finally, I learned that, given the right circumstances, people can radically change and even scar you as a person for the rest of your life

Obliviously, as Amber said before, there are many other things I've learned but I think it's best to to just stop here and let someone else take the reins

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