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So, I got this idea while trying to rewrite my about me and while I was running out of space there, I decided, "why not put it in an actual place where people can read and write about their own if they want". So read, comment, rate and do whatever you'd like. Share your opinions to this and let me know if you'd like to have your own chapter. I'm giving part credit to Hayley since really she came up with the title and I asked her if this would be a good idea or not.

Chapter 2

Lessons Amber Has Learned

I'll start in the 5th grade, the year when I noticed that my parents' fights were becoming more often and that they were talking about divorce (which actually did happen). So in that year, I learned the following:

I learned that it does no good to lock yourself in your room to try and escape reality.

I learned that even though you feel like the world is crashing around you, it isn't.

I learned that no matter how cruel the world seems, you can always find kindness and heart in someone.

I learned that you can't control everything that happens in your life.

I learned that no matter how much two people love/loved each other, nothing is ever guaranteed.

I learned that people can lose that spark just as easily as they once found it.

I learned that it isn't really a matter of love, because once you love someone, part of you always does. You either were never in love with the person to begin with or something happened to make you realize that it's time to move on.

I've learned a lot because of my parents' divorce and the lessons continue, but as of right now, I'm going to move forward a bit and skip to the rest of the time when I was in middle school. So in those years I learned the following:

I learned that there are people who can't handle pressure, while there are others who thrive off it.

I learned that you can't judge a book by its cover. Athletes aren't just athletes. Outsiders aren't just outsiders. Braniacs aren't just braniacs. Musical prodigies aren't just musical prodigies. They're all complicated in their own ways and the only way to actually find out about a person is to dig deeper than what appears.

I learned that you can't make assumptions.

I learned that we all can’t be great knitters.

I learned that people can be awfully competitive, but sometimes competition is what's needed.

I learned that once someone knows something embarrassing about you; they don’t let it go.

I learned that people get hurt by accidents.

I learned that there are different types of people for every scenario.

I learned that people don't always forgive each other when something bad happens.

I learned that your future isn't about what you know, but who you know.

I learned that there will always be moments and people in your life that will cause you laughter.

I learned that you can always make time for going back and acting like you did when you were little, when arguments were only playful ones and games were always silly but no one cared that they were.

I learned that the saying, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt me” is a lie. People die because of words and that’s not something to be taken lightly.

I learned that the bad (like the bad that we know exists but tell ourselves that it could never happen to us) can actually happen to us.

I learned that there’s always someone who is suffering, and sometimes we can’t find that out until the worst happens.

I learned that everyone has different ways to grieve over lost and each way is okay. Some people want to move on and pretend everything is the same. Some people want to cry and hug and talk it out. Some people want to laugh and try to make light in times of darkness. Some people just want to be alone.

I learned that people change and no one can fix that.

I learned that diversity is a good thing.

And though I could continue on with the lessons I learned whilst in middle school, I’m not going to. I’m going to move on to what I have learned in high school so basically for the last few years all the way until now. I won’t list them all, but here are a handful of lessons I have learned then and now:

I learned that the friends you thought you had in the past can leave you behind in the dust.

I learned that there is always going to be people who have your back.

I learned that there is always something nice to say about someone else.

I learned that everyone has opinions about you and some of those opinions are spoken about you behind your back.

I learned that people feed off of your insecurities like hungry sharks.

I learned that there are people who are meant to bring you down, but there are also people who are meant to bring you up.

I learned that there are ways to escape reality, even if it is just for a mere second.

I learned that there is no black or white to society, to our world.

I learned that you can’t always trust people when they talk about who they actually are because there are fakes and liars around ever y corner.

I learned that it really hurts when you notice you’ve fallen for a person who isn’t who they said they were.

I learned that a friendship can bloom even if your first conversation wasn’t smooth.

I learned that there are many people who have had worst things happen to them.

I learned that a good friendship can turn into something that makes you feel so much more.

I've learned that no matter how dark of a place you are in, there will always be people to save you and help you until you can fly on your own.

I learned that one person can become a whole meaning.

I learned that one person can teach you things you have never thought of before.

I learned that one person can make you feel complete when you didn’t know you could feel whole again.

I learned that people actually can love you.

I learned what it is like to be in love.

I learned that love is this beautiful, wonderful, breathtaking thing that can make you feel so alive but in the end you can't count on it, because if you become too dependable on love, on that person; you'll eventually turn up disappointed, heartbroken, and numb once something bad happens.

I learned that no matter what someone promises, those promises still can be broken.

I learned that a person can leave your life in any given moment.

I learned that once you become dependent on someone and that someone leaves, you become something that barely exists. You become someone who is lost but not wandering. You become someone who isn’t whole. You become someone who is dead on the inside but alive on the outside. You become someone is who is a ticking time bomb that’s just waiting to explode. You become someone who feels more pain than serenity.

I learned that exhaustions really can eat you away and that too much sleep is a bad thing.

I learned that we can only handle so much before we bubble over.

I learned that old habits are hard to break even though you know they are bad for you.

I learned that disappointment sucks.
I learned that fairytales aren’t just something that happens. Fairytales and happy endings are made through dedication, love, and everything that makes up compromises, honesty, loyalty, and more.

I learned that the only thing we can control is ourselves and how we react.

I learned that one person can start a string of bad or good things.

I learned that even the strongest people can fall.

I learned that there are some things worth self-sacrifice.

I learned that the ghosts of our pasts can either 1. Haunt us or 2. Push us forward.

I learned about the person I want to become even though I still have troubles telling people who I am right now.

And most importantly, I learned that strength comes from within; strength is something that we all have and though we may feel vulnerable at times, it's our strength that keeps us going and that's a fantastic thing because we are warriors.

And though there are other lessons I have learned throughout my life from my first memory until now, I’ll stop here and let whoever wants next to write the lessons that they’ve learned.

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