Do you ever feel emotionless?

Okay before I get comments like, "Or you okay? Want to talk?" I gets want to let you guys know that no I don't want to talk about it, but thank you for your concern. No this is not an act for attention it actually makes me uncomfortable and bother when people do try to help. I rather just deal on my own.
Now that we are done with all that seriousness hope you enjoy this poem as a beautiful piece of peotry (*smirks and rolls eyes) and have a great time criticizing my work xp. Love ya guys 8D!!!

Chapter 1


Have you ever felt like you just couldn't feel?

Like no matter what you thought or said

You just couldn't feel

Being left in you own mind and being completely emotionless

To be completely unfeeling

Feeling num

So much so that trying to think or write your emotions that
They come out bland

To look at yourself in the mirror
And see nothing but a cold emotionless smile

Then feeling tears fall from your eyes and only feelings pain
Not sadness
Not sorrow
Not pitty
Just emptiness

Then you ask yourself
What are you doing wrong?

Why can't I feel?
Not feeling normal
Not caring if you die or not
Not caring if you win or fail

But then knowing you don't want to be like that
You want to have the drive to win
You want to care if you die or not

But your just not able to....

Not able to understand why you look at your self in the mirror
With an emotionless smile
And pretending everything is alright

But who cares everything is alright

So sit and sleep tight
With your emotionless sight
For you who has eyes with no fight
Because everything will be alright
So please little emotionless sight have a nice night
Because being in the dark for long
The light might be to bright

Then your mind drifts....

It's alright
Even hell can be bright
And if you look hard enough even hell can be nice
Because not all devils bite
Look pass your lifeless eye...
And tell me if you can see how bright
It is in the devils light
It's alright
It's alright

So ...have you seen what it like in my mind?

Okay just to let you guys know the word I used like 'hell' and 'devils' I just want to let you know I use them all and metaphors. That is all o.o...


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