Roleplay Request [ The Hobbit Trilogy ]

The title should make this pretty self-explanatory. I'm looking for a Hobbit roleplay. :)

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Hello. :) I'm Emily. I'm a 20 year old roleplayer who recently moved from Quizilla (since that site is shutting down) to Quibblo. I roleplay a ton of different things, but for right now, I'm really only focusing on finding new partners to roleplay The Hobbit.

I've been a fan of The Hobbit since I was a little girl. I practically grew up in Middle-earth. ^^ I don't know how old I was when I first read the book, but I was pretty young. And I've been hooked on Tolkien ever since.

If you'd be interested in roleplaying, please read the rules below.


Love Interests:
Bard the Bowman
Fili (preferred)

I can play pretty much any character in the fandom, so whoever your love interest would be, I'm fine with that.

If there is one of my love interests that you would feel most comfortable playing, let me know.



[ One ]
I don't really care about length. I know everyone has a life outside the roleplay, and we don't all have the time to sit and type out a novel. But I would still like replies that are at least a decent-sized paragraph (5 or more sentences) in length. Any length over a paragraph does take me a while to respond to, and replies that are 800+ words take me about a week.
Under no circumstances will I roleplay in script format.

[ Two ]
No text talk inside the roleplay.
Try your best to have proper grammar. Everyone makes mistakes, but using spell-check works wonders. Microsoft Word is a lifesaver.

[ Three ]
My OC x My Love Interest, Your OC x Your Love Interest. I could maybe be talked into doing Canon x Canon for things in this fandom that I actually ship. If that's what you want to do, then just ask.

[ Four ]
No Mary-Sues. And for this fandom, some of them can get very out of hand.
Your OC should be a species that is canon. Elf, human, dwarf, or hobbit. I'll be okay with plausible half-breeds, because there are some canon characters that are mixed, but don't go too crazy with it.
Try to give your character checks and balances. They should be good at stuff, of course, but they shouldn't be good at everything under the sun. Every character needs flaws. And try not to make a character that's super-powerful, either, because that's just no fun.
And I've recently had to make this one up: please, no weird pets! Wolves and tigers are awesome animals, yes, but they have no place as pets in the Tolkien world.

[ Five ]
My only limits are necrophilia, pedophilia, and bestiality.
The roleplay can be as smutty, gorey, violent, and sadistic as you want.
F/F and M/M pairings are both okay with me. Let me know if you aren't comfortable with same-sex relationships, because there's a pretty high likelihood that otherwise I'll send you a male OC with a male love interest or a female OC with a female love interest. If you're only comfortable with M/F, then I'll respect that and we can keep all the relationships hetero.
Let me know your limits up front!

[ Six ]
Feel free to talk to me outside of the roleplay. :) I like making friends with my roleplay partners.
I can roleplay over Quibblo or email. If you'd rather send your first message to me over email, then you can get me at .



Make one of these the subject of your request, depending on what sort of roleplay you want to do.

Normal: An Unexpected Party.
Fluff/Romantic: A Warm Welcome.
PWP/Spice: Riddles in the Dark.
Angst/Drama: Flies and Spiders.
AU: Not at Home.

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