Across the Universe... to 1957

Based on a roleplay by MrsHarrison1965 and MarshmallowLollipop.
All rights reserved, copyrighted, any illegal actions will be prosecuted blah, blah, blah, blah, you know the rest.

Anyway, enjoy! :D

Chapter 3

Back in the USSR (well, Liverpool actually...)

Lacey's P.O.V

I rubbed my head a second time and was about to complain that if this carried on, I was going to get severe brain damage. I noticed Lila was at the window again. This time she was smiling.
'Oh boy! What a rush!' I cried, running over to her. I saw what she was staring at, and squealed like a deranged fangirl. 'Holy crap Lila! Look at this! I know them!'

'ME TOO!!' Lila screamed louder than I had. 'WAIT THOUGH!! We're wearing 21st century clothes!! We've gotta change first!! Quick, let's pop off to a clothing store and then we'll come back, or we'll scare the living daylights outta them!!'

'Ohhhhh...' I groaned, 'but I'm so comfy in my hoodie and jeans!'
Lila gave me such a hard stare that I had to give in. 'Fine, let's go.' I muttered.
We climbed out of the TARDIS and surveyed our surroundings. It was very dark and dismal to say the least. The buildings looked extremely old and grubby, and I could smell a mixture of smoke and sea salt. We were in Liverpool.
We noticed a small shop on the corner. It sold all sorts of old 50s clothes, like poodle skirts and scoop necked shirts. Our mouths fell open.

'Oh wow!' I said slowly, taking it all in. 'This is all so... so vintage.'
'I know! I know! It's awesome!' Lila squealed, yanking clothes off the racks. About ten minutes later (after lots of arguing and struggling) we'd picked our outfits. I'd chosen a white circular skirt, with black musical notes embroidered on the hem, and a black top to match. Lila was dressed similar to me, only her skirt was red and she'd tied her hair up with a red ribbon.

'Wow! We look so FAB!' I said to Lila. 'Right, let's make our move!'
We cruised down the road until we came across a familiar address. It was the house of -- well, you'll find out shortly! Lila sashayed up the garden path and knocked briskly on the door. We waited for a few seconds, then the door creaked open. The excitement was too much for me.
'Lila,' I whispered, 'I think I'm going to faint! I'm so excited...'
A young man's face peered out of the door. He stared at us with his soft brown eyes, then said cheerfully, 'Hello ladies. What can I do you for?'

I can't exactly remember what happened next. I opened my eyes and found Lila down on her knees beside me, using her pocketbook as a fan.
She then looked up at the man who had answered the door and said, 'Hello! I'm Lila and this is Lacey and she just fainted! Nice to meet you! Anyone want to help me? George? Couldya take her in maybe?'
I knew what her game was, and I loved it! I pretended to still be unconscious while George's strong arms picked me up. I could smell leather and potent aftershave. It was too much to take. I opened my eyes a ''second'' time and gazed up at his handsome, fresh, 14-year-old face.

'What the?... GASP!! GEORGE!! SQUEEEE!!' Then I fainted again.
George was confused, ' she all right? And how does she know who I am?'
'She's fine, I think.....' Lila replied, pretending not to hear the rest of his question.

I came to ''again'', saw who was holding me ''again'' and nearly fainted ''again''. I gasped loudly. felt George's face to make sure he was real, then said triumphantly, 'Lila! We've found them!'

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