Across the Universe... to 1957

Based on a roleplay by MrsHarrison1965 and MarshmallowLollipop.
All rights reserved, copyrighted, any illegal actions will be prosecuted blah, blah, blah, blah, you know the rest.

Anyway, enjoy! :D

Chapter 2

A Detour to the Place of Eternal Tears

"But that wasn't rule number one....."

"Oh. It was supposed to be. Oops. Hold on.... I'll go see where exactly we are...." Lila carefully - and somewhat apprehensively - opened the door and stepped out.

"So where are we? Are we in the 60s yet? WHAT?" Lacey stood in the TARDIS doorway staring over Lila's shoulder.

"LACEY! You took us to Lake - " She froze with depression and nervousness. "Lake Silencio...." Lila wiped a tear from her eye. Lacey's brow knit together in confusion. She tried to remember if Lake Silencio was an important historical site. As far as Lacey knew though, it was just some lake.

"We're where?" Lacey asked. Lila stared out into the vast blueness of the lake - a lake filled with the tears of millions. Lacey seemed to grow even more nervous looking at her expression.

"I want to go to the 60s. I want my Georgie! I want to get out of here!!" Lacey continued babbling like an idiot while Lila stared at the lake reminiscing the old days, when the TARDIS wasn't weighed down with the loss of the best people in the world.

"Lacey, we need to get out of here."

"But why? I don't get where we are..." Lila sighed at Lacey's cluelessness. She knew she shouldn't really blame her, Lacey didn't know the Doctor or his friends. She wished Lily was here, Lily would understand. But she wasn't, so Lila decided to explain - in the simplest terms - why exactly Lake Silencio was so horrifically sad.

"This is where the Doctor dies.... Sorta. It's the saddest place ever, besides Trenzalore! Plus, I want to visit Paulie!! Let's get back in the TARDIS. 1957, Here we come!!" Trying to keep all the sad thoughts of Lake Silencio at bay, Lila hopped back into the TARDIS and beckoned Lacey.

"Right behind you, sister!" Lacey leaped into the TARDIS and slammed her hand on the right button this time. "YAY!! WE'RE OFF!! DON'T FRET JOHN!! WE'RE COMIN' TO SAVE YA!!"

Lila smiled. "Yay!!" The TARDIS began to make its trademark whooshing noises again. "Just warning you, it never lands - " They crashed down, the whole ship shaking and rolling around in the sky. It bounced to a halt, in what was hopefully 1957 " - softly."

Lacey was clutching her stomach. Lila have an involuntary giggle. "It takes some getting used to." Lacey nodded, her face green as grass. Lila had succesfully banished all thoughts of Eleven's demise, and was bouncing up and down with excitement - both from being in the TARDIS and from who they'd soon be meeting.

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