Across the Universe... to 1957

Based on a roleplay by MrsHarrison1965 and MarshmallowLollipop.
All rights reserved, copyrighted, any illegal actions will be prosecuted blah, blah, blah, blah, you know the rest.

Anyway, enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

We Can Work it Out

Lacey's P.O.V

Me and Lila had a plan. We had argued about it and debated over the possible results, but we'd finally agreed on doing it. We had finally formulated a plan that would truly benefit mankind -- and lots of teenage girls too.
I lead Lila down to the garage of my house. I could tell from her face that she was freaking out with excitement. I couldn't blame her. I was too. The garage was empty except for a tall, boxlike thing standing in the middle of the floor. I'd draped a large sheet over it to mask it from Lila's view.

I turned to her and smiled slyly. 'Are you ready for an adventure Lila?'
'OH YEAH, SO READY!!' Lila cried, grabbing what looked like a Nerf gun. 'LET'S DO THIS THING!! I got my marshmallow gun here!! I'm ready as I'll ever be! I dunno about you, but I am ''so ready!!''
'That's great!' I laughed. 'Let's go save John from the wicked temptress!'
'Heck yeah!!' Lila screamed, getting really worked up. I decided to work her up even more.

'Check this out!' I said, pulling the sheet off of the boxlike thing.
Lila stopped gabbling and stood completely still. Her eyes lit up like two lights on Broadway. I noticed her face breaking out in a derpy fangirl smile. I knew this would happen. I mean, what would ''any'' Doctor Who fan do if they were offered a ride in a TARDIS?

'Take a look at this!' I said calmly, 'Lily asked Eleven if we could borrow this. Cool, eh?'
'OMG! OMG! OMG! YES IT IS SO COOL!!' Lila cried, happy tears streaming down her face. She then became serious and added, 'Although, we've got to be careful with fixed points in time, and we can't go to Trenzalore, and we can't mess with our own personal timelines, and we can't touch about half the buttons, and we can't...'

Lila continued listing rules for a whole half hour. I fell asleep leaning against the TARDIS.
'-- and we can't spill stuff like tea on the console. There, I think I got it all. Now we can go!'
I gave a little snore before waking up properly. 'Oh! Uh, what? Time to go? Okay!' I said, rubbing my eyes.

We both charged inside the TARDIS, admiring at how large it was on the inside. Lila was having a Doctor Who field day. She kept touching everything in the room just to make sure it was real. She took such a long time that I got restless and banged my thumb down on the button nearest to me.

'We're of to see the Beatles! The wonderful Beatles of Fab!' I sang, grabbing Lila and dancing around the TARDIS. She didn't look very amused, then she saw the button that I pressed. Her face went as pale as paper.
'AAHHHHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOT THAT ONE!!!!!!!' she screamed, pushing me out of the way and scurried over to the dashboard. Lila tried to fix the mistake I'd made, but it was too late.

From deep inside the walls of the TARDIS, we heard weird rumbling sounds. Then the whole room gave a creak and a groan. Next thing we know we're flung off our feet and hurtling downwards at a million miles an hour! Lila and I screamed, sobbed and thought of last words that were deep and meaningful. But then we suddenly came to a stop.

I sat up and rubbed my head, which had been bashed multiple times during our terrifying descent. Lila had landed on her stomach and was winded. She rolled onto her back, coughed and groaned. I looked around the room. Everything ''seemed'' normal, but I was still in shock from the sudden stop.

'Uh... what happened?' I muttered, 'Did we crash?'
Lila got to her feet and helped me up. She looked at me, shook her head pityingly then sighed dramatically.
'Oh no.' I thought, 'I've annoyed Lila. She's gonna lecture me now.'
And lecture me she certainly did.

'Lacey,' she said sternly, like a school teacher who'd caught her students misbehaving, 'Rule number one: The TARDIS is very faulty. You have to be verrrrry careful with button pressing or... '
She sped to the window of the TARDIS and peered out. Her mouth fell open. Sweat started pouring down her forehead in an impressive fountain. She looked so terribly worried that I asked what had happened.

'Oh no... we've done something wrong! This is awful!' Lila cried.
I ran up beside her and looked at what she was staring at. My mouth fell open too. I couldn't believe where we were... ''definitely'' not 1957.

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