A story based upon a scary dream I had 4/9/14.
The main word I knew was "Incorecta/Incorrecta". Does it mean something?
A story of friendship torn by hatred & death. Jacob McHael & Damien Lore were not the ones to have been friends, nor make them, but they find themselves drawn together by their situations & death.

Chapter 6

Can you Believe in Ghosts?

by: Cozy_Glow
The hall ended quickly after, teachers hurrying kids back to class as police & investigators took Toby, Naomi, Jaimie, Daniel & friends in for questioning. Jacob slipped into the now deserted hall, looking carefully around for what he'd seen before. This ghost of Damien was either real or just his emotionally exhausted brain in meltdown.


Jacob lurched upright, standing just away from his dead friend, who looked so sad & alone. Jacob blinked in utter disbelief.

"Yes, truly."

Jacob cautious stepped closer and closer, until he was right beside Damien. The other was still, only blinking, not breathing. Jacob felt his heart snapping with sorrow at the sight of his friend so... dead looking.

"I don't... how are you here?"
Damien looked away. "Not sure..."
"I'm sorry..."
Damien looked at Jacob with confusion. "What for?"
"I couldn't save you. I couldn't help you or anything!"
"Not your fault, Jacob."

But it was no use, Jacob felt so hurt by what was happening, he fell to his knees & cried his sorrow. Damien was taken by surprise by his friends sudden outburst. He knelt beside him, trying to hold him, stop his tears, but he couldn't do anything. This, in turn, made Damien cry in frustration and sadness.
Two friends, torn by death & life, never to be together on the same plain of existence. Jacob & Damien sobbed for some time, before Damiens' better mind found some reason in the form of revenge. It would be simple to cause some tragic end to Jaimie & Daniel & all the others, after all, he was dead with powers of the dead.
Damien looked up at Jacob, eyes red with anger. Jacob gulped in fear, not understanding why Damien looked so angry & bitter. Before he could ask, Damien sneered.

"I'll kill them for this. It's not fair! I'll make it fair!!"
"Her first!"

And he was gone. Jacob looked wildly around for the ghost, but he was nowhere. 'Her first'? What does he mean? Jacob thought, & found the horrible conclusion. Jaimie is in danger!
He leapt to his feet & ran to find her. She'd be with the police or her family, but where are they? Suddenly, a terrible scream rang out over the school, followed by other screams & shouts of pain. Damien wasn't holding back on his anger, not one bit.
Jacob sped to the road & found the scene terrifying: People running & screaming, madly trying to escape the wrath of Damien Lore.

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