A story based upon a scary dream I had 4/9/14.
The main word I knew was "Incorecta/Incorrecta". Does it mean something?
A story of friendship torn by hatred & death. Jacob McHael & Damien Lore were not the ones to have been friends, nor make them, but they find themselves drawn together by their situations & death.

Chapter 3


Jacob pulled Damien up onto the roof, making sure they were safely up & away from prying eyes. Jacob had never shared his secret spot with anyone, not even his parents knew, but Damien was different. He had to protect him from Jaimie & her friends, because they shared a feeling of friendship together.

"It's very peaceful here!" Damien exclaimed, taking out a sandwich. "I can see why nobody knew it was here!"

They quietly chattered & ate their lunch, before playing a game of cards to pass the time. Recess was in the same fashion, except with studying. When the bell rang for home, Jacob would walk him halfway home, where it was safe, then went back & caught a bus home. This was how the week passed for them, safe & fun.
Jaimie & her groups were soon forgotten & left to pent up insults for a day that would never come. This made the time much more enjoyable, but all good things do come to an end...


Jacob & Damien sat in the office. The day before had been heavy rain, making it too dangerous to escape to the roof, so the office was the next best place of hiding. Jacob drank some water & took his medication, unaware of the approaching danger, until Damien ducked down.

"What the--!!"

Jacob looked outside & watched as Jaimie & her friends stood by the door, talking & looking around. They looked more angry than ever. Jacob watched for a long while, but they didn't leave. Damien began to grow frightened, shaking uncontrollably, until they walked around the corner.

"They're just there."

Damien slowly peeked & his eyes met one of the girls outside. It didn't take s split second before the group of bullies were all looking as Jacob & Damien quickly stood. They dashed down the corridor, the bullies following from outside, but the friends had another plan.
Damien quickly put up a sign stating: "This door is broken. Please use other door." And ran out the front doors with Jacob in the lead. They didn't slow, feeling the pack of bullies were just at there heels.
Suddenly, Jacob ducked left & shot up a tree, leaving Damien to run on ahead, frightened & confused. Damien ran on & on, until a large tree barred his way forward. He tried to go around, but they were closing in from every side, limiting his options of escape. Surrendering was the only thing to do, as painful as it would be.

He turned around...

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