A story based upon a scary dream I had 4/9/14.
The main word I knew was "Incorecta/Incorrecta". Does it mean something?
A story of friendship torn by hatred & death. Jacob McHael & Damien Lore were not the ones to have been friends, nor make them, but they find themselves drawn together by their situations & death.

Chapter 2


Jacob walked slowly towards the looming building that was the office. He was taking a time out from about to beat up another kid to calm down & take his afternoon tablets. In honesty, he felt better being alone, it was almost soothing.
Upon entering the office, he noticed the blonde boy sitting instantly left on the couch. Jacob had never seen him there before, let alone anywhere really. Maybe he was new? He didn't really care. He sat on the opposite end of the couch, seemingly balancing the couch by leaving a gap between himself & the other boy.
The school nurse gave Jacob his afternoon tablets & some water, asking the other for anything, but he simply shook his head & said he was fine. Finally, Jacob took interest in the blonde boy when he suddenly lifted his head to some laughing outside.
He looked outside the window, blue eyes wide with fear, before laying down on the couch in a fetal position. Jacob watched his graceful haste, before looking out to see a group of kids, about 5 or so, walk past & around the corner to have a meeting. The boy slowly went to get up, but Jacob put a hand in front of him to stop.

"They're not gone, just hiding around the corner."
The boy nodded & laid back down. "Thank you."
"Why are you hiding?" Jacob watched outside for movement. "Want to be alone?"
"You could say that..." he replied quietly.

Jacob looked in concern at the boy as he slowly nodded. If there was one thing Jacob hated more than being crowded, was bullies. The boy he would have beaten up had been name-calling him for a week, but had gotten his just-desserts from Jacobs' father (a fellow teacher of the kindergarten class).

"How long?"
The boy looked at him. "What?"
"How long has it been goin' on?"
"...I-I don't really know."
Jacob was shocked. "What's your name?"

Jacob had heard of this boy, Damien. The school had come alight with terrible rumours, gossips & plans to tear him in two. Jacob had no clue why some many in the 'top groups' wanted him beaten every second of the day, but it must've been something brave or dumb.

"Huh? Oh, Jacob McHael."

At that moment, something happened to them. Damien smiled a happy little smile, something he'd been lacking on his face for a long while, & Jacob felt a connection he'd never longed for: Friendship.

"I'm very pleased to meet you!" they both said.

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